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Hale Alakaʻi is temporarily closed for electrical repairs. Read more for relocations and details.

The policies governing Windward Community College are a combination of policies specific to the colleges, policies that apply to the community college system, and policies that apply to the University of Hawaiʻi system in general.

  1. General Provisions
    1. Governing Policies
    2. Policies on the Policy Formation Process
    3. Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy
  2. Administration Governance
    1. Administration Governance
    2. College Chartered Groups
  3. Organization Governance
    1. Organization Governance
  4. Planning, Budget and Assessment
    1. Planning Governance
    2. Planning and Budget Council
    3. Program Review
    4. Mission
    5. Governance Assessment
  5. Academic Affairs
    1. Student Academic Grievance Procedures
    2. Academic Affairs Governance
    3. Duties and Responsibilities of Department Chairs
    4. Foundation Courses – see the Foundations Board page
    5. Assigned Time Policies and Procedures
    6. Curriculum
    7. Excellence in Teaching Award
    8. Schedule of Classes and Class Cancellation Procedures
    9. Sabbatical Leave Procedures for Faculty
    10. Senior Citizen Visitor Pass
    11. Distance Education Guidelines for Online Office Hours
    12. Hawaiian & Second Language Backcredit Policy
  6. Tuition & Fees
    1. Tuition and Fees Governance
    2. Windward Community College Fees
  7. Student Affairs
    1. Student Affairs Governance
    2. Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal
    3. Acceptance of Credits in Transfer
    4. Articulation
    5. Credit by Examination
    6. System-wide Student Conduct Code
  8. Business & Finance
    1. Business and Finance Governance
  9. Personnel
    1. Personnel Governance
  10. Physical Facilities
    1. Land and Physical Facilities Governance
    2. Tobacco Policy
    3. Guidelines for use of golf carts
  11. Miscellaneous
    1. Miscellaneous Governance
    2. Web Privacy Policy
  12. Human Resources
    1. Consensual Relationships Policy
    2. Lactation Room Policy and Procedures
    3. Workplace Non-Violence Policy
    4. WCC Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program and Procedures
    5. Campus Compliance of Executive Policy 11.201 (Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse)