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General Tutoring Services

General tutoring services are free of charge and open to all current WCC students. As many students learn in different ways, we have multiple different services. Tutoring may be long-term, short-term, or a single visit, depending upon the needs of the student. To access tutoring, refer to one of our many programs.

Ka Piko Tutoring

Ka Piko at Windward Community College is committed to student success by providing testing, tutoring, and success workshops to help students build a foundation for independent lifelong learning and self-efficacy.

Ka Piko services are FREE for all WCC students!

Ka Piko Math Lab

Knowledgeable and friendly tutors at the Math Lab provide assistance for all math courses offered at WCC, helping to improve studentsʻ understanding of important concepts and problem solving processes.

Ka Piko Writing Lab

Consult with a Writing Lab Tutor to get assistance with writing needs at any stage of the writing process (brainstorming, drafting, revising, etc.) for any course.

TRiO Student Support Services (TRiO SSS)

TRiO SSS provides services to increase retention, graduation, and transfer rates from two-year to four-year colleges/universities, and to foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of low-income, first-generation, and/or disabled college students. The list of services includes everything from tutoring to filing taxes to financial aid and food.

The University of Hawaii Community Colleges offers free online, on-demand tutoring, through Tutors are always available, even late at night when your instructor or TA may not be. Stuck on a problem? Want someone to review your paper? This tutoring service is easy to use and can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet.

Embedded Tutoring Services?

An embedded tutor is a successful student assigned to a specific course to help students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement. Typically, these students have successfully completed the course and are familiar with the course content and design, as well as the instructor’s expectations. Embedded tutors support students out of class via one-on-one or group sessions.

Hoʻonui Ike

Ho‘onui Ike is an embedded tutoring and peer academic coaching program that supports students in below-college-level, co-requisite, online, and evening courses at Windward Community College. An Alaka’i is a successful student who supports a specific course for the duration of a semester. Alakaʻi attend their assigned course each time it meets and hosts one-on-one sessions with students outside. During one-on-one sessions with students, Alakaʻi help students process and understand course content, connect students to relevant resources on campus, as well as assist students with setting, tracking, and working toward short and long-term SMART goals.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an embedded tutoring program that targets historically difficult courses. An SI Leader attends their assigned course each time it meets and hosts SI Sessions – regularly-scheduled, out-of-class review sessions in which students work collaboratively to understand course content and prepare for examinations. WCC has the only accredited SI program in the State of Hawai‘i by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.