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Board of Regents Policy Chapter 5, Section 20

WCC Policy Guideline No. 4-8 (Old printed Policy and Procedures Manual), October 10, 1995.

Background and purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines for Credit by Exam at Windward Community College.

It is the philosophy of the faculty of WCC to encourage and assist students in obtaining college credits for competencies gained as a result of past educational experiences. Such credits are to be used toward meeting certain certificate or degree requirements of the College. The faculty recognizes that attendance at regularly scheduled college classes is not the only experience by which students develop those competencies (knowledge, discernment, and skills) which are the substance of college education. Such competencies may be gained through a variety of non-college classroom experiences including independent reading, on-the-job training, advanced high school course work, Armed Services school training, and experiences in business and government.

BOR Chapter 5, Academic Affairs, section 5-20 Academic Support has set general parameters for UH Manoa to follow and this policy is intended to institute a Credit by Exam Policy as it relates to WCC.


Faculty Senate and Credit Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee.

Policy and Procedures

It is the policy of the faculty of Windward Community College to award credit to a student who successfully demonstrates by examination that he or she possesses the competencies that a particular WCC course is designed to impart.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB)

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB)
    1. The maximum number of credits that may be awarded by CLEP, AP, or IB examination shall not exceed 48 credits.
    2. No quality points shall be computed in the student’s grade point ratio (GPR). A passing score on a CLEP, AP, or IB examination will be recorded as a CR; and the credit shall be recorded as “Advanced Standing” credit on the student’s academic transcript.
    3. With an acceptable examination score, students may receive credit for the CLEP, AP or IB exams. Please refer to the appropriate Manoa website.
  2. WCC uses the minimum scores of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The English score is subject to the review and approval of English faculty before credit is granted.
  3. Additions to the WCC CLEP, AP or IB list are made on the basis of:
    1. recommendation by appropriate WCC instructional staff;
    2. minimum scores recognized for credit by UHM;
    3. development of equivalent courses in the WCC curriculum
  4. Instructor-Developed Examinations
    1. Conditions for eligibility:
      1. The student will submit to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs a signed Credit by Examination Request Form and also list reasons to justify his/her eligibility.
      2. The student will receive prior approval of the department.
      3. The student shall register for and pay the course fee required for each course for which examination is requested.
    2. No retakes for the same course will be permitted.
    3. A student must complete the request form and register in or add the course. Instructor-developed examination requirements must be met by the last day of instruction for that semester. Students will not be charged a proctoring fee for taking Credit-by-Exam.
    4. Results from these examinations will be transmitted to students no later than the last day of the semester in which they were tested.
    5. Examination grades recorded on the student transcript will be identified by CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit). A notation will be made indicating that the grade was earned credit by exam and that the only grades given for this purpose are CR/NC.
    6. The Office of the Registrar will maintain internal records which are available to the Transfer Institution by request.
    7. Departments that will consider credit-by-exam are: Language Arts, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. The credit-by-exam is offered for only selected courses within these departments. See the Department Chairperson for further information.
    8. Students must be officially enrolled in at least one other course in the College during the semester in which credit-by-exam is requested.
    9. Credit-by-exam will only be offered for the semester in which the class is offered.

Timeline: The end of the Add-period for every semester.

Exclusion: Presently, Math/Business will not allow students to receive credit by exam.

Responsibilities: Departments

Effective date: Fall 2012

Revised date: When necessary.