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WCC Safety & Security

Windward Community College is firmly committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. Our institution’s policies, procedures, and programs related to safety and security are designed to ensure that best practices are followed to protect persons and property. We encourage you to explore the information provided by the Office of Safety and Security.

Campus Security at Windward Community College

Security Operations

Our security workforce operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Campus Security provides patrol and other security services for the campus. Campus Security major functions include conducting patrols, monitoring of vehicles coming onto campus and ensuring lawful parking activity, responding to incidents and emergencies, conducting interviews and initial investigations, summoning first responders (police, fire, emergency medical services), and providing security services to the campus community.

Security Workforce Jurisdiction And Authority

Our security workforce consists of uniformed, state-employed University Campus Security Officers (UCSOs) who are non-sworn/unarmed personnel. UCSOs are authorized to enforce safety-, security-, and emergency management-related policies and procedures of Windward Community College, of the Community Colleges System, and the University of Hawai`i System. UCSOs are also authorized to take appropriate actions in support of federal/state/local laws, ordinances, executive orders and directives.

UCSOs are authorized to identify and interview any person on campus jurisdiction; and, to conduct initial investigations of reported incidents, emergencies, and complaints of policy/procedure violations. Additionally, they are authorized to take custody of property that could be classified as evidence or contraband; and, to detain a person with cause until the arrival of law enforcement who will make the final determination for subsequent arrest, citation, or referral back to the campus for disciplinary action.

WCC Safety & Security

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