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December 2023 anniversaries
Monday December 04, 2023
December 2023 anniversaries
UH News Image of the Week: Relief letter print
Wednesday November 29, 2023
UH News Image of the Week: Relief letter print
Hawaiian Word of the Week: Makana
Wednesday November 29, 2023
Hawaiian Word of the Week: Makana
UH-mazing holiday recipes: Daniel Swift’s garlic mashed potatoes
Thursday November 23, 2023
UH-mazing holiday recipes: Daniel Swift’s garlic mashed potatoes
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Holiday ALOHA from @windwardcc to you!
we are Kāne’ohe Christmas Parading!
Celebrate the holidays with Hawaiian music in a very special concert with slack key masters Keola Beamer, Jeff Peterson, Hi’ikua, and Ron Loo.
All proceeds will go to the Henry Kapono Foundation Hawaiian music scholarships for WCC students! 😁 
Dread math, but need a statistics class? 
Register for SOCS 225 Statistical Techniques this Spring 2024
How delivered: Face-to-face
When: Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
CRN 62404
If you hate math, but need statistics for your major, this is the class for you. We'll learn the theory behind statistics and how to interpret stats, but leave the math to the computers. This course is typically required for a 4-year social science degree like psych and social work, so take the class at WCC with Lisamarie in a fun, collaborative environment instead of a large, boring lecture hall.  If can, also take with PSY 212 (CRN 62551) and share one project between the two classes.
Math prerequisite can be waived by emailing Lisamarie (

#statistics #psychology #mathisnotmyfavoritesubject #lovestatistics #windwardcommunitycollege #wemakeitfun
Exciting WI course for Spring! Environmental Economics, ECON 220, will explore the intersection between the environment and the economy. In short, this course will dive into how humans impact the environment, i.e. global warming, and what can be done about it. 

For the Spring 2024 semester, Paul Briggs will teach this as an online asynchronous course. If you were interested in the issues brought up in our chapter on externalities last semester, you would be interested in this course. 

ECON 220 is a Writing Intensive (WI) course and it is also a S-designated course, which is part of the Sustainability certificate at Windward CC.

For more information, contact Paul Briggs at

#econiscool #environment #windwardcommunitycollege #economicsatwcc
Register for Spring 2024 Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) online classes:

HDFS 232 (Childhood)
-Understanding the 6-12 year old child
-How do they think, grow, and learn?
-The role of adults in their lives
For educators, counselors, parents, and caregivers!

HDFS 241 (Parenting)
-Developing and nurturing parenting skills
-Parenting styles and their impact on child development
-Strategies to strengthen families
-Cultural perspectives on parenting
For parents and anyone working with parents and caregivers

HDFS Pathway:
Are you considering returning to school? If you are, consider an AA degree designed for childcare, education, and counseling careers, directly transferring to UH Mānoa for a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies. This degree will help you to contribute towards strengthening ʻohana in Hawai'i. An HDFS degree can lead to various career options, such as
-Early childhood education 
School counselor and academic advising (high school and college)
-Child life specialists
-Family engagement and resource centers
-Marriage and family counseling, And many more!

Walaʻau with us! We can help and support you through your journey.
Kahoku Baker Calventas
Kalaʻikū LK. Stephenson

Interested? Visit to learn more.
#hdfspathway #humandevelopment #familystudies #uhohana #catodell
Enjoying this day of celebration! Note the petition signatures of people from Ko’olaupoko who opposed annexation. Powerful, and many came to see their ancestors’ imprint on this petition. We also enjoy food, games and poi!
Lā Kū’oko’a today, November 28, is Hawaiian Independence Day celebrated in the Hawaiian Kingdom since 1843 and commemorating Hawaii’s sovereignty and independence. 
Join us for ku’i kalo (poi pounding), kōnane, kau kau, and more fun!
Lā Kū’oko’a Pā’ina
Hale ‘Ākoakoa

#kekumupali #windwardcommunitycollege #lākūokoa #hawaiianindependence 
Slack key masters on stage at Palikū Theatre on Friday, Dec. 8 to support the Henry Kapono Foundation Hawaiian music scholarships for WCC students. Let’s go to the concert! ✨Tickets: 
$30 general admission 
$75 VIP seating + backstage meet the artists
$15 students
$15 online streaming

#makanamele #keolabeamer #jeffpeterson #hiikua #kamuelakimokeo #ronloo #palikutheatre #hawaiianmusic #slackkeyguitar
Day 2 of International Education Week. Keanu Sai talk about the annexation of Hawai’i and it’s validity. So insightful and everyone have ears and eyes wide open.

#internationaleducationweek #wcchawaii #keanusai #hawaiihistory #whatwedontknow #annexationofHawaiiankingdom
SPRING 2024! Register for PSY 253 Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Explore the psychology of conflict, the impact of culture on conflict styles, communication skills, and alternative resolution strategies in this course offered two ways:

In person:
CRN 62293, (8 weeks, January 8–May 10), MW, 10am–11:15am

CRN 62202, asynchronous, second 8-week term of the semester (March 4–May 3) 

Special designations: DS, this class will help complete the Mental Health Technician Certificate of Competence, prereq is PSY 100.
Taught by Associate Professor Audrey Mendoza (

#psychology253 #windwardcommunitycollege #conflictresolution&mediation #uhohana
Hawaiʻiloa is now accepting students for our Spring 2024 cohort (to begin in January)! 

Earn your Hawaiian studies degree completely online from wherever you are. Hawaiʻi will always be our piko as kānaka, whether you are here on the pae ʻāina or away. Hawaiʻiloaʻs kuleana (responsibility) to our haumana (student) is to strengthen your understanding and connection to ʻike (knowledge), ʻōlelo and nohona Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language and lifestyle). If you are interested, please follow these steps to enroll in the spring semester:

1. APPLY to Windward Community College by December 15. You can find the application on our website

2. DECLARE Hawaiian Studies. When filling out the application to WCC, if you are interested in joining Hawaiʻiloa you should declare Hawaiian Studies. 

3. CONTACT Māhiehie Garrett, Hawaiʻiloa counselor for a one-on-one meeting for an Hoʻolauna (introduction) session and to plan out your Hawaiʻiloa pathway (

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Māhiehie, and stay tuned for information about our Fall 2024 enrollment. Mahalo!

#wcchawaiiloa #hawaiianstudies #windwardcommunitycollege #onlineAAdegree #connectingwithculture #spring2024
WANTED:  Self-motivated learners curious about Personal & Public Speech

REWARD: A deeper understanding of how and why we communicate and more confidence when giving presentations.

Personal & Public Speech
8-week course, online, asynchronous
Offered this Spring 2024 (January 8 – March 1)
OC (Oral Communication)
DA (Diversification-Arts)
For more information, contact Assistant Professor Jeff Ho at

#speech151 #publicspeech #personalspeech #communicate #wcchawaii #smartkittywcc
WANTED:  Self-motivated learners curious about Interpersonal Communication
FOR:  Stepping out of your Comfort Zone and trying something different
REWARD:  Confidence, empathy, and better understanding of how and why we communicate with others

SP 181 Interpersonal Communication
8-week course, online, asynchronous
Offered this Spring 2024 (January 8 – March 1).
OC (Oral Communication). 
For more information, contact Assistant Professor Jeff Ho at

#speech181 #jeffho #beabettercommunicator #wcchawaii #spring2024 #smartkittywcc
We’re at the International Education Week event in the breezeway with Audrey Mendoza’s SP 151 students! Taro cards, palm reading, astrology and fortune cookie readings. Standing room only! Get in the fun and learn from each other.
International Education Week is happening through Thursday at the library breezeway from 10am to 1pm. Join us for the festivities and food. Discover the world through stories and myth. 

#wccinternationaledweek2023 #stories #myths #mythology #studyabroad #imaginarium #minimoanafilmfest #chefdanswift #internationalcuisine #togaparty
Opening Weekend! Don’t miss this double feature of plays starting out with Kahahawai/Massie, the 1932 racially-charged criminal trial that made headlines across the nation, then Aloha Attire, a comedy/drama about growing up in the 80s on Oahu written by Lee Cataluna.
Both plays are directed by Taurie Kinoshita and performed by 22 students of the first cohort of the new @hawaii_conservatory of Performing Arts. 
Nov. 10-19 
Discounts available in person one hour before each show!

#palikutheatre #hawaiiconservatoryofperformingarts #windwardcc #theatre #massiecaseplay #alohaattireplay #tauriekinoshita #leecataluna #denniscarroll
Guest speaker Michael Wilson, Bishop Museum exhibit designer, will provide insights into the table exhibit and the debunked study of race in Hawai’i.

The presentation in the library will take place at 2:00 p.m., but we encourage you to join us at 1:30 p.m. for light refreshments in the library breezeway.

We hope you can join us for this enlightening event, and together, we can explore and discuss this important chapter in history.

Exhibit runs until December 15. Library hours M-F, 9am-4pm (except holidays).
The whole community is getting excited for opening night this Friday of Kahahawai/Massie and Aloha Attire, a double feature of plays directed by Taurie Kinoshita and performed by the first cohort of the new Hawai’i Conservatory of Performing Arts.
Get your tickets at 
See you at the show!

#hawaiiconservatoryofperformingarts #palikutheatre #windwardcommunitycollege #kahahawai #massiecase #leecataluna #alohaattireplay
This caterpillar should know better than to vape on our campus. Wait for it!
Happy Halloweening @windwardcc
Fun drive-in movie night on the Great Lawn! Mahalo @asuhwcc for a relaxing family friendly night!
WCC students! We want to hear from you! What made you want to come to college? What’s your fave social media? How do you like to communicate with professors?
Take the survey and have a chance to win one of two $100 Amazon Gift Cards!!!
Go to:

#mediaprefssurvey #yourvoicematters #windwardcommunitycollege #winstuff