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Hale Alakaʻi is temporarily closed for electrical repairs. Read more for relocations and details.

Hale Alaka‘i Closure

Hale Alakaʻi will be closed as of 5/20/2024 for electrical repairs. All offices in Hale Alakaʻi will be relocated during this period (see below Temporary Office Locations). The construction is estimated to take 6-7 weeks. Due to health and safety considerations, no entry to Hale Alakaʻi will be allowed from 5/20–6/9/2024. Effective 6/10/2024, limited access will only be allowed for building occupants who make arrangements with Andy Li. Phone and email will not change during this time. Regular operations will continue. Please see below for mail, paycheck pick up, vehicle reservation and other processes.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes to those relocating and to the campus community.

*Temporary Office Locations:

  • Chancellor & Chancellor’s Secretary – Hale Laʻakea 304, 808-235-7402
  • Title III – Hale Laʻakea 305, 808-462-4716
  • Institutional Research Office – Hale Laʻakea 305, 808-235-7490
  • Admissions & Records – Hale Laʻakea 214, 808-235-7432
  • Financial Aid – Hale Laʻakea 232 & 234, 808-235-7449
  • Academic Affairs Office (VCAA, Dean of Div I, and staff) – Hale Manaʻopono 101, 808-235-7443
  • VCAS Office – Hale Kuhina 112 & 113, 808-235-7405
  • Business Office – Hale Kuhina 114, 808-235-7408
  • Cashier Office – Hale Kuhina 102, 808-235-7411
  • Security Manager and Security Officers – Hale Kuhina 112, 808-235-7355
  • Facilities Manager and O&M Staff – Hale Kuhina 115, 808-235-7444
  • Human Resources Office – Hale ʻĀkoakoa 113, 808-235-7397
  • Learning to Grow – Working remotely, 808-462-4702

*Office contact information (phone and email) will not change during the relocation period.

Construction Project Timeline:

  • Abatement and electrical work have been confirmed to start on 5/20/2024. Absolutely no entry to Hale Alakaʻi will be allowed from 5/20–6/9/2024.
  • Starting from 6/10/2024, building occupants can coordinate with Andy Li to schedule a time to retrieve items necessary to conduct business. Due to low or no lighting in the building, no one will be allowed to enter the building without making prior arrangements with Andy.
  • Construction is estimated to be completed in six to seven weeks. Occupants will be updated on the status to help offices prepare for the move back to Hale Alaka’i.

Mail and Parcel Deliveries:

  • The Hale Alakaʻi mailroom will be closed starting 5/16/2024 and will remain closed during the construction period.
  • Outgoing U.S.P.S. mail can be dropped off at Hale Kuhina 114.
  • Parcel deliveries will be made to the temporary Cashierʻs Office in Hale Kuhina 102. The Business Office will notify employees if a package needs to be picked up. You can pick up packages from the cashier window at Hale Kuhina 102 between the hours of 9 am – 2 pm.
  • If you need to mail out large items or parcels, please contact Jerri at 808-235-7407 or email to make arrangements.

Campus Mail:

  • The Business Office will do the campus mail run to the CC System Office mailroom on Thursdays during the Summer (if there is pay day during the week, the mail run will be done at the same time we pick up paychecks).
  • Mail will be bundled for Division Secretaries to pick up from Hale Kuhina 114 to distribute to employees in their respective division. 

Paycheck Pickup:

  • Bring a picture ID to the Cashier window in Hale Kuhina 102 between the hours of 9 am – 2 pm.

State Vehicle Reservations or UH Parking Codes:

  • Please contact Kahea at ext. 405 or visit her in Hale Kuhina 112

Key Access and ID Badge:

  • Please contact Makana at or 808-462-4715 if you have issues with your key access or need an ID Badge photo taken. 

Human Resources Servicing:

For assistance, please contact: