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The Windward Community College’s Disability Student Services Office (WCC-DSSO) is committed to providing equal access to qualified students with disabilities. Through partnerships with students, parents, faculty, and staff, the WCC-DSSO will continue to promote students’ self-advocacy, independence, and full academic potential. To determine and implement appropriate academic adjustments and modifications, qualified students with disabilities will work with their Disability Counselor on a case-by case basis.

Who Qualifies

If you have a physical, sensory, health, cognitive, or mental health disability that could limit your ability to fully participate in a class, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Counselor to discuss reasonable academic adjustments and modifications.

The Process

  1. Complete an intake form with appropriate disability documentation and send disability verification via UH Filedrop to
  2. Make an appointment with the disability counselor.
  3. Meet with the disability counselor in an interactive process.
  4. The Disability Counselor will contact professors via email with approved and student agreed academic adjustments and modifications.

Student’s Responsibilities

  1. Student is responsible for follow up with professors to discuss their academic adjustments and modifications of each class.  
  2. Student is responsible for follow up with their Disability Counselor before each semester when requesting their academic adjustments and modifications.

Disability Access Services

  • Emails to faculty with student’s academic adjustments and modifications
  • Exam and assignment modifications
  • Notetaking Services
  • Alternate Format
  • Priority Registration
  • Academic support services as needed: reader, notetaker, interpreter
  • Adapted Furniture
  • Assistive Technology

Contact Information

Jodi A.-K. Asato
Counselor, Disability Student Services Office
Hale Kako‘o 105 
phone: 808-235-7472