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Background and Purpose

Responding to the request for educational resources by the senior citizens community of Windward Oʻahu and Senate Concurrent Resolution (S.C.R.) Number 186 whereby the Senate of the 24th Legislature (2007) of the State of Hawaiʻi requested the University of Hawaiʻi System to implement a system wide senior citizen visitor program for senior citizen students. The UH System has allowed each campus to decide how to implement the policy for their respective populations. Windward Community College does not
have an existing policy.


Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs


The Senior Citizen Visitor Program (SCVP) allows seniors to “visit” courses that are offered at Windward Community College free of charge if the seats are available. Visitors are exempt from tuition/fee payment, no credit is awarded, no name will appear on the instructor’s class roster via MyUH, and no permanent academic records are retained in the Admissions and Records office. If the Senior Citizen wishes to enroll in courses to receive credit, he/she is required to follow the same procedure and deadline as other students. Once this Senior Citizen Visitor Pass is issued, the Senior Citizen Visitor cannot request credit for the visited class(es). The Senior Citizen Visitor status does not provide an active UH ID, access to MyUH or Laulima, or full library privileges.

Qualifications for a Hawai’i Senior Citizen Pass

  • Bona fide resident of the State of Hawaiʻi for University of Hawai’i’s tuition purposes
  • At least 60 years of age prior to the first day of the semester
  • Be clear of University of Hawai’i System financial obligations
  • Must meet State of Hawai’i Department of Health (DOH) Health Clearance requirements (Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11-157)

Attending Windward Community College using a Hawaiʻi Senior Citizen Pass is free of charge. Therefore, the student is not included in official enrollment records of the university, is assigned no grade for attendance, and receives no course credit.

Timeline: Visitor Passes are issued for Fall and Spring terms only.

Exclusion: Anyone not meeting the above qualifications.

Responsibilities: Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Effective date: Spring 2014

Effective date: Spring 2014