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Encouraging and Supporting Education for our Koʻolau Communities

A partnership between Windward Community College and generous donors and community foundations including the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation and Takitani Foundation.

A college education is vital for competing in today’s global economy. For many on O’ahu’s Windward side, higher education and its many benefits are beyond financial reach. Paipai o Ko’olau works to change that. Our scholars are provided with the financial and wrap-around supports to foster their success!

Project Overview

Paipai o Ko’olau is a program to increase college enrollment and graduation for the Ko’olaupoko and Ko’olauloa communities. Working with community partners to identify individuals who can benefit from college, Paipai o Ko’olau provides scholarships and academic support to students, nurturing them from admission to graduation.


Paipai o Ko’olau provides support to students who are residents of Windward O’ahu and have demonstrated financial need that creates a barrier to entering college.

Priority is given to students who:

  • have not previously attended college
  • have other needs that may affect their ability to attend college
  • will not be able to attend college without Paipai o Ko’olau’s support
  • have strong recommendations from community partners


Applicants need to submit the Application and Application Checklist. The Community Partner Referral Form is similar to a letter of recommendation and needs to be filled out by someone who knows the applicant well and can attest to their dedication to school. Although this form is not required, it is highly encouraged and will increase chances of being selected.

Recruitment and Outreach

  • Promote the Paipai o Ko‘olau program: Print out the brochure and give to individuals you think may meet eligibility requirements!
  • Assist with the application process: If someone you know is applying, offer to submit the Community Partner Referral Form on their behalf!
  • Become a Community Partner: Serve as an official affiliate to help identify and refer individuals who could benefit from the Paipai o Ko‘olau program. See below for details!

Paipai Community Partners

  • Community Partners directly impact the success of this program through their ability to reach those in the community who can most benefit from Paipai o Ko‘olau!
  • How it Works:
    • Community Partners receive orientation on the goals and eligibility requirements of Paipai o Ko’olau.
    • Community Partners identify individuals who can benefit from college and write referrals on their behalf. Referrals are used to:
      • Demonstrate and attest to whether or not applicant meets the specified eligibility requirements.
      • Serve as strong supporting evidence of applicant eligibility in the applicant review process.
      • Establish a connection between the applicant and recommender to encourage keeping in touch as the to-be student progresses while they are enrolled in college.
    • For more information, please call 808-235-7326.

Sarah Akina, EdD, MSW
Paipai o Koʻolau Program Advisor and Director
Windward Community College
Phone 808-235-7326
Fax 808-235-7414