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Oct. 22, 2020

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Distance education instructors must provide regular substantive contact time to students described as office hours (minimum of one hour per week per course) with access guidelines posted online. The contact may be synchronous such as with face-to-face meetings, chats or video conferences, or be asynchronous if through the Learning Management System, and include written or recorded voice messages, in lieu of set required face-to-face office hours.

Regardless of the technology or method used, instructors should ​initially respond to student requests for help within 24 ​hours​ except on weekends and holidays.

The modality used may include phone, email, video conferencing, other internet conferencing or other appropriate technology.

To be Included in the Syllabus:

  1. How to contact the instructor
  2. When to contact the instructor
  3. Alternate contact phone/email if the instructor cannot be reached​: