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Fall 2020

CourseTitleInstructorMeeting TimeRoomDatesCRN
ACC 201Intro to Financial AccountingD HansonT 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 1228/24-12/1860130
ACC 201Intro to Financial AccountingD Hanson Online8/24-9/2560433
ACC 201Intro to Financial AccountingD Hanson Online8/24-9/2560434
ACC 201Intro to Financial AccountingD Hanson Online8/24-12/1860541
ACC 202Intro to Managerial AccountingD Hanson Online9/28-10/3060475
AG 120Plant ScienceI White Online8/24-12/1860473
ANSC 140Intro to Veterinary TechnologyE Post Online8/24-12/1860060
ANSC 140Intro to Veterinary TechnologyE Post Online8/24-12/1860051
ANSC 142Anat & Phys of Domestc AnimalsM Tsuda Online8/24-12/1860029
ANSC 142Anat & Phys of Domestc AnimalsM Tsuda Online8/24-12/1860076
ANSC 142LAnat of Domestic Animals LabM TsudaW 2:30pm-5:15pmHale ‘Imiloa 1038/24-12/1860030
ANSC 142LAnat of Domestic Animals LabM TsudaF 10:01am-12:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1038/24-12/1860050
ANSC 142LAnat of Domestic Animals LabM TsudaF 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1038/24-12/1860061
ANSC 191Vet Office and Computer SkillsK Geiling Online8/24-12/1860208
ANSC 253Pharmacology for Vet TechsA Compton Online8/24-12/1860077
ANSC 258Clin Lab Tech IIK Geiling Online8/24-12/1860110
ANSC 258LClin Lab Tech II LabK GeilingR 9:00am-11:45amHale ‘Imiloa 1038/24-12/1860111
ANSC 258LClin Lab Tech II LabK GeilingR 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1038/24-12/1860112
ANSC 263Exotic & Lab Animal ProceduresS Kissel Online8/24-12/1860176
ANSC 263LExotic/Lab Animal Proc LabS KisselR 9:00am-11:45amHale ‘Imiloa 18/24-12/1860151
ANSC 263LExotic/Lab Animal Proc LabS KisselR 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 18/24-12/1860152
ANSC 271Anesth & Surg Assist Vet TechJ Kelly Online8/24-12/1860113
ANSC 271LAnesth & Surg Assist VETT LabJ KellyW 9:00am-2:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 18/24-12/1860114
ANSC 271LAnesth & Surg Assist VETT LabJ KellyT 9:00am-2:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 18/24-12/1860115
ANTH 151S-Emerging HumanityA Alvarez Online8/24-12/1860098
ANTH 152S-Culture and HumanityI Masterson Online8/24-12/1860099
ART 101Intro to the Visual ArtsR Molyneux Online8/24-12/1860205
ART 101Intro to the Visual ArtsP NashMW 8:30am-9:45amHale Pālanakila 2128/24-12/1860018
ART 101Intro to the Visual ArtsP NashTR 8:30am-9:45amHale Pālanakila 2128/24-12/1860069
ART 108Elem Studio: Drawing/PaintingA MartinMW 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2108/24-12/1860177
ART 111Intro To Watercolor PaintingB MyersTR 1:30pm-4:00pmHale Pālanakila 2048/24-12/1860500
ART 112Intro to Digital ArtsK Ciurej Online8/24-12/1860287
ART 113Intro to DrawingP NashMW 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2028/24-12/1860075
ART 113Intro to DrawingP NashTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2028/24-12/1860100
ART 123Intro to Oil PaintingB MyersTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2048/24-12/1860116
ART 175Survey of Global ArtM Cadora Online8/24-12/1860206
ART 176Survey of Global Art IIM Cadora Online8/24-12/1860212
ART 213Intermediate DrawingP NashMW 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2028/24-12/1860202
ART 213Intermediate DrawingP NashTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2028/24-12/1860481
ART 260Gallery Design & ManagementA MartinTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2108/24-12/1860364
ASTR 110Survey of AstronomyS Moroney Online8/24-12/1860471
ASTR 110Survey of AstronomyM Kessler Online8/24-12/1860019
ASTR 110LSurvey of Astronomy LabS Moroney Online8/24-12/1860173
ASTR 110LSurvey of Astronomy LabM Kessler Online8/24-12/1860021
BIOC 141Fundamentals of BiochemistryL Colmenares Online8/24-12/1860072
BIOL 100S-Human BiologyM Smith Online8/24-12/1860179
BIOL 100S-Human BiologyM Smith Online8/24-12/1860119
BIOL 100LHuman Biology LabM Smith Online8/24-12/1860120
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology IM Onuma Online8/24-12/1860156
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology IA Faucci Online8/24-12/1860020
BIOL 171LIntroduction to Biology I LabA FaucciF 10:00am-12:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1238/24-12/1860033
BIOL 171LIntroduction to Biology I LabA FaucciF 1:30pm-4:15pmHale ‘Imiloa 1238/24-12/1860071
BLAW 200Legal Environment of BusinessD Raphael Online8/24-12/1860367
BOT 105EthnobotanyT MichaelTR 8:30am-9:45amHale ‘Imiloa 1018/24-12/1860008
BOT 130Plants in Hawaiian EnvironmentT Michael Online8/24-12/1860052
BOT 130LPlants in Hawaiian Environ LabT MichaelF 8:30am-11:15amHale ‘Imiloa 1018/24-12/1860188
CHEM 100Chemistry and SocietyL Colmenares Online8/24-12/1860031
CHEM 100Chemistry and SocietyL Colmenares Online8/24-12/1860045
CHEM 100LChemistry and Society LabM Bissonnette Online8/24-12/1860283
CHEM 161General Chemistry IM Bissonnette Online8/24-12/1860308
CHEM 161General Chemistry IC Guay Online8/24-12/1860062
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry I LabC GuayW 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1318/24-12/1860059
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry I LabM BissonnetteR 2:00pm-4:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1118/24-12/1860063
CHEM 162General Chemistry IIL Colmenares Online8/24-12/1860036
CHEM 162LGeneral Chemistry II LabL Colmenares Online8/24-12/1860044
CM 120Intro Digital VideoK BassfordTR 1:00pm-3:05pmHale Alakaʻi 1028/24-12/1860181
CM 142Intro to Video Game DesignK Lee Online8/24-12/1860148
CM 204CWI-Intro CW (Screenwriting)D Poteet Online8/24-12/1860216
CM 242Video Game Design IIK Lee Online8/24-12/1860182
CM 255Intro Cinema & Digital MediaK Bassford Online8/24-12/1860183
CM 271WI-Games and Gaming in SocietyN LogueT 5:30pm-8:00pmHale Pālanakila 2258/24-12/1860491
DNCE 121Beginning BalletA DurrantMW 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860136
DNCE 122Continuing Beginning BalletA DurrantMW 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860157
DNCE 131Beginning Modern DanceA DurrantTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860137
DNCE 132Cont. Beginning Modern DanceA DurrantTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860159
DNCE 221Low Intermediate BalletA DurrantMW 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860158
DNCE 231Low Intermediate Modern DanceA DurrantTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860160
ECON 130Principles of MicroeconomicsL Meisinger Online8/24-12/1860010
ECON 130Principles of MicroeconomicsP Briggs Online8/24-12/1860096
ECON 130Principles of MicroeconomicsP Briggs Online8/24-12/1860466
ECON 131Principles of MacroeconomicsP Briggs Online8/24-12/1860011
ENG 100Composition IA Priesman Online8/24-12/1860376
ENG 100Composition IA Priesman Online8/24-12/1860393
ENG 100S-Composition IJ Webster Online8/24-12/1860381
ENG 100Composition IS St John Online8/24-12/1860370
ENG 100Composition IA PriesmanMW 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Manaleo 1118/24-12/1860394
ENG 100S-Composition IJ Webster Online8/24-12/1860382
ENG 100Composition IS St John Online8/24-12/1860371
ENG 100S-Composition IR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860139
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860373
ENG 100S-Composition ID Poteet Online8/24-12/1860143
ENG 100Composition IJ Buckley Online8/24-12/1860138
ENG 100Composition IS St John Online8/24-12/1860384
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860374
ENG 100Composition IJ Buckley Online8/24-12/1860140
ENG 100Composition IS St John Online8/24-12/1860385
ENG 100S-Composition ID Poteet Online8/24-12/1860227
ENG 100Composition IJ Buckley Online8/24-12/1860377
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860387
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860388
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860389
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopA PriesmanMW 11:30am-12:45pmHale Manaleo 1118/24-12/1860395
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopJ Webster Online8/24-12/1860383
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopS St John Online8/24-12/1860372
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopR Barclay Online8/24-12/1860375
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopS St John Online8/24-12/1860386
ENG 200WI,S-Composition IIJ Webster Online8/24-12/1860109
ENG 204BWI-Intro Creatve WrItng PoetryS St John Online8/24-12/1860396
ENG 204CWI-Intro CW (Screenwriting)D Poteet Online8/24-12/1860236
ENG 209WI-Business WritingA Priesman Online8/24-12/1860025
ENG 271WI-Intro Lit: Children?s LitS St John Online8/24-12/1860101
GEOG 101The Natural EnvironmentW Smith Online8/24-12/1860053
GEOG 101LThe Natural Environment LabW Smith Online8/24-12/1860054
GEOG 102World Regional GeographyW Smith Online8/24-12/1860161
GG 101S-Introduction to GeologyF McCoy Online8/24-12/1860073
GG 101LS-Introduction to Geology LabF McCoyW 1:00pm-4:00pmHale ‘Imiloa 1138/24-12/1860276
GG 103S-Geology of Hawaiian IslandsF McCoy Online8/24-12/1860162
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian IB Faria Online8/24-12/1860121
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian IB Faria Online8/24-12/1860122
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian IB Faria Online8/24-12/1860123
HAW 201Intermediate Hawaiian IB Faria Online8/24-12/1860204
HAW 201Intermediate Hawaiian IE Makepa-Foley Online8/24-12/1860163
HDFS 230Human DevelopmentF Herbic Online8/24-12/1860399
HDFS 230Human DevelopmentF Herbic Online8/24-12/1860400
HIST 151World History to 1500M Lau Kong Online8/24-12/1860001
HIST 151World History to 1500R Koo Online8/24-12/1860003
HIST 151World History to 1500M Lau Kong Online8/24-9/2560422
HIST 151World History to 1500M Lau Kong Online8/24-9/2560430
HIST 152World History since 1500M Lau Kong Online8/24-12/1860401
HIST 152World History since 1500K Knuuti Online8/24-12/1860082
HIST 152World History since 1500R Koo Online8/24-12/1860402
HIST 152World History since 1500R Koo Online9/28-10/3060435
HIST 152World History since 1500R Koo Online9/28-10/3060436
HIST 284WI-History of Hawai\'iD Froning Online8/24-12/1860185
HIST 285WI,S-Envrnmentl Hist. Hawai`iI Masterson Online8/24-12/1860405
HLTH 124CKupuna Care for Nurse AidesS Kamaka Online8/24-10/1660497
HLTH 125Survey of Medical TerminologyK Longenecker Online8/24-12/1860145
HLTH 125Survey of Medical TerminologyK Longenecker Online8/24-12/1860146
HLTH 134CPracticum-Kupuna CareTBAMTWR 5:30am-2:00pm 11/16-11/2560505
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificC Sala Online8/24-12/1860034
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificC SalaT 10:00am-11:15amHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/1860172
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificM Tupou Online8/24-12/1860049
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificM Tupou Online8/24-12/1860102
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificM Tupou Online8/24-12/1860480
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificP MooreT 2:30pm-3:45pmHale Aʻo 1078/24-12/1860055
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificD CamvelMW 10:00am-11:15amHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/1860284
HWST 110Huaka?i Wa?a: Hawiian VoyagiI Mastersong W 8:30am-9:45amHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/160407
HWST 130Hula \'OlapaC SalaT 1:00pm-3:00pmHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/1860406
HWST 135Kalai La\'au: Hawaiian WoodworJ SouzaMW 10:00am-12:45pm 1178/24-12/1860083
HWST 136Kalai La\'au IIJ SouzaMW 10:00am-12:45pm 1178/24-12/1860084
HWST 217WI-Understandng Polyn ReliginsP Kawakami Online8/24-12/1860487
HWST 238WI-Contempry Hawn & Indig LitM Tupou Online8/24-12/1860485
HWST 255WI-Intro to the Hawaiian KngdmD Sai Online8/24-12/1860085
HWST 270WI,S-Hawaiian MythologyC Sala Online8/24-12/1860238
HWST 270WI,S-Hawaiian MythologyP Moore Online8/24-12/1860186
HWST 285La\'au Lapa\'au: Hwn Med HerbsE Makepa-FoleyMW 2:30pm-5:00pmHale Aʻo 1078/24-12/160047
HWST 296Topic Hwn Studies:Kukulu HaleP MooreF 9:00am-11:30amHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/1860408
ICS 100Computing Literacy & AppsMI Kato Online8/24-12/1860007
ICS 100Computing Literacy & AppsMI Kato Online10/19-12/1860023
ICS 101WI-Digital Tools Info WorldMI Kato Online8/24-12/1860042
ICS 101Digital Tools for Info WorldMI Kato Online8/24-12/1860103
ICS 101Digital Tools for Info WorldL Sue Online8/24-12/1860124
ICS 107Web Site DevelopmentL Sue Online8/24-12/1860125
ICS 111Intro to Computer Science IL Sue Online8/24-12/1860024
ICS 119Intro to Social MediaG Walker Online8/24-12/1860411
ICS 141Discrete Math for Comp Sci IL Sue Online8/24-12/1860026
ICS 171Intro to Computer SecurityJ Oshiro Online8/24-12/1860289
ICS 184Introduction to NetworkingL Sue Online8/24-12/1860354
ICS 203Digital Image EditingMI Kato Online8/24-12/1860131
ICS 211Intro to Computer Science IIL Sue Online8/24-12/1860065
ICS 212Program StructureJ Oshiro Online8/24-12/1860187
IS 103Introduction to CollegeJ Webster Online8/24-12/1860264
IS 103Introduction to CollegeJ PaganMW 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860291
IS 103Introduction to CollegeS Sutherland Online8/24-12/1860295
IS 103Introduction to CollegeS Akina Online8/24-12/1860294
IS 103Introduction to CollegeC MasatsuguTR 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 2288/24-12/1860293
IS 103Introduction to CollegeC MirandaT 11:30am-12:45pmHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/1860296
IS 201The Ahupua\'aP MooreW 1:00pm-3:55pmHale Aʻo 1018/24-12/1860189
JOUR 150Media and SocietyK Bassford Online8/24-12/1860350
JPN 101Elementary Japanese IA Swan Online8/24-12/1860415
JPN 101Elementary Japanese IA Swan Online8/24-12/1860414
JPN 102Elementary Japanese IIA Swan Online8/24-12/1860416
MATH 100Survey of MathematicsK Slagel Online8/24-12/1860087
MATH 100Survey of MathematicsR GarryTR 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 2148/24-12/1860166
MATH 100Survey of MathematicsK Takayama Online8/24-12/1860423
MATH 100Survey of MathematicsK Takayama Online8/24-12/1860424
MATH 101Math for Vet Assistants & TechT Hayler Online8/24-12/1860095
MATH 103College AlgebraJ OkumuraMWF 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 2148/24-12/1860088
MATH 103College AlgebraJ Okumura Online8/24-12/1860089
MATH 103College AlgebraD DonlinMW 5:30pm-7:20pmHale Pālanakila 2148/24-12/1860426
MATH 103College AlgebraA Zerr Online8/24-12/1860091
MATH 103College AlgebraD DonlinMW 5:30pm-7:20pmHale Pālanakila 2148/24-12/1860427
MATH 103College AlgebraA Zerr Online8/24-12/1860429
MATH 111Math for Elementary Teachers IK Takayama Online8/24-12/1860092
MATH 115Intro to Stats and ProbabilityT Hayler Online8/24-12/1860247
MATH 115Intro to Stats and ProbabilityT Hayler Online8/24-12/1860299
MATH 135Precalc: Elementary FunctionsA Zerr Online8/24-12/1860090
MATH 135Precalc: Elementary FunctionsJ OkumuraMW 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 2148/24-12/1860093
MATH 140PreCalc:Trig/Analytic GeometryA Zerr Online8/24-12/1860094
MATH 241Calculus IJ Storm Online8/24-12/1860190
MATH 242Calculus IIJ Storm Online8/24-12/1860241
MATH 243Calculus IIIJ Storm Online8/24-12/1860242
MATH 244Calculus IVJ Storm Online8/24-12/1860417
MATH 75XIntro to Math ReasoningT Hayler Online8/24-12/1860133
MATH 78College Math CompanionK Takayama Online8/24-12/1860421
MATH 82Algebraic FoundationsK Takayama Online8/24-12/1860134
MATH 82Algebraic FoundationsK Takayama Online8/24-12/1860135
MATH 88College Algebra CompanionD DonlinF 5:30pm-7:20pmHale Pālanakila 2148/24-12/1860425
MATH 88College Algebra CompanionA Zerr Online8/24-12/1860428
MICR 130General MicrobiologyT Michael Online8/24-12/1860037
MICR 140LGeneral Microbiology LabH LiTR 10:00am-11:50amHale ‘Imiloa 1068/24-12/1860199
MUS 106Intro to Music LiteratureD Houglum Online8/24-12/1860437
MUS 114College ChorusA Maciel VillegasTR 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 2118/24-12/1860438
MUS 121BVoice 1A Maciel VillegasTR 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 2118/24-12/1860439
MUS 121CPiano 1S KimuraT 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 1068/24-12/1860167
MUS 121FSlack Key Guitar 1K KimokeoMW 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860441
MUS 121Z`Ukulele 1K KimokeoMW 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860468
MUS 121Z`Ukulele 1K KimokeoTR 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860066
MUS 122FSlack Key Guitar 2K KimokeoMW 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860442
MUS 122Z?Ukulele 2K KimokeoTR 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860105
MUS 211Intro to Hawaiian EnsembleK KimokeoMW 2:30pm-3:45pmHale Pālanakila 1048/24-12/1860255
MUS 231BApplied Music, Western (Voice)A Maciel Villegas Online8/24-12/1860494
MUS 231CApplied Music, Western (Piano)S KimuraTBA 12:00am-12:00am 8/24-12/1860490
OCN 201S-Science of the SeaF McCoy Online8/24-12/1860194
OCN 201LS-Science of the Sea LabP SrsenR 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1178/24-12/1860195
PACS 108Pacific WorldsT Allen Online8/24-12/1860285
PHIL 100Intro to PhilosophyS Stegeman Online8/24-12/1860164
PHIL 101Intro to Phil Morals & SocietyJ Mandelstam Online8/24-12/1860256
PHIL 111Intro to Inductive LogicS Stegeman Online8/24-12/1860443
PHRM 203General PharmacologyC Au Online8/24-12/1860022
PHRM 203General PharmacologyC Au Online8/24-12/1860074
PHYL 141Human Anatomy & Physiology IR Langston Online8/24-12/1860282
PHYL 141Human Anatomy & Physiology IM Smith Online8/24-12/1860258
PHYL 141Human Anatomy & Physiology IR Langston Online8/24-12/1860278
PHYL 141LHuman Anatomy & Physiol I LabM Smith Online8/24-12/1860260
PHYL 141LHuman Anatomy & Physiol I LabM Smith Online8/24-12/1860261
PHYL 141LHuman Anatomy & Physiol I LabR LangstonM 11:30am-2:15pmHale ‘Imiloa 1038/24-12/1860259
PHYL 142Human Anatomy & Physiology IIR Langston Online8/24-12/1860444
PHYS 151College Physics IJ CiottiTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale ‘Imiloa 1378/24-12/1860039
PHYS 151LCollege Physics I LabJ CiottiTR 2:30pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1378/24-12/1860041
POLS 110Intro to Political ScienceM Perkins Online8/24-12/1860445
POLS 120Intro to World PoliticsR Fujimoto Online8/24-12/1860013
POLS 130Intro to American GovernmentR Fujimoto Online8/24-12/1860015
POLS 130Intro to American GovernmentR Fujimoto Online8/24-12/1860046
POLS 180Intro to Hawaiian PoliticsR Fujimoto Online8/24-12/1860196
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF PalacatMW 8:30am-9:45amHale Na‘auao 1258/24-12/1860070
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF Palacat Online8/24-12/1860272
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyL Bensman Online8/24-10/1660016
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyL Bensman Online8/24-12/1860058
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyL Bensman Online8/24-12/1860273
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF Herbic Online8/24-12/1860446
PSY 170Psychology of AdjustmentF PalacatTR 8:30am-9:45amHale Na‘auao 1258/24-12/1860447
PSY 240Developmental PsychologyL Bensman Online8/24-12/1860448
PSY 250Social PsychologyL Bensman Online10/19-12/1860271
PSY 270WI-Intro to Clinical PsychF Palacat Online8/24-12/1860470
PSY 270Intro to Clinical PsychologyF Palacat Online8/24-12/1860496
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online8/24-12/1860107
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online8/24-12/1860128
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online8/24-12/1860200
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online8/24-12/1860451
REL 205WI-Understndng Haw\'n ReligionP Kawakami Online8/24-12/1860452
REL 217WI-Understandng Polyn ReliginsP Kawakami Online8/24-12/1860489
SCI 295Introduction to STEM ResearchP SrsenTBA 12:00am-12:00am 8/24-12/1860474
SCI 295Introduction to STEM ResearchJ Hudson Online8/24-12/1860546
SOC 100WI-Survey of General SociologyK French Online8/24-12/1860017
SOC 231WI-Intro Juvenile DeliquencyK French Online8/24-10/1660453
SOC 251WI-Intr to Sociology of FamilyK French Online8/24-12/1860086
SP 151Personal & Public SpeechJ Ho Online8/24-12/1860268
SP 151Personal & Public SpeechJ Ho Online8/24-12/1860454
SP 151Personal & Public SpeechA Badua Online8/24-12/1860265
SP 151Personal & Public SpeechA Badua Online8/24-12/1860267
SP 151Personal & Public SpeechL Gilbert Online8/24-12/1860455
SP 181Intro to Interpersonal Comm.J Ho Online8/24-12/1860067
SP 251WI-Prin Effective Public SpkngJ Ho Online8/24-12/1860201
SP 251WI-Princples Effectiv SpeakingA BaduaTR 8:30am-9:45amHale Aʻo 1068/24-12/1860147
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish IZ Payne Online8/24-12/1860269
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish IZ Payne Online8/24-12/1860129
SPAN 102Beginning Spanish IIZ Payne Online8/24-12/1860197
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish IZ Payne Online8/24-12/1860457
SW 200The Field of Social WorkK Enos Online8/24-12/1860478
THEA 101Intro to Drama & TheatreT KinoshitaMW 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 2248/24-12/1860068
THEA 200BBeg Theatre Prac: (Acting)T KinoshitaMTWRF 5:00pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 22810/10-10/2560458
THEA 200CBeg Theatre Prac: StagecraftT KinoshitaMTWRF 5:00pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 22810/10-10/2560459
THEA 200DBeg Theatre Prac: (Costume)T KinoshitaMTWRF 5:00pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 22810/10-10/2560460
THEA 221Acting IT KinoshitaMW 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2288/24-12/1860108
THEA 221Acting IN LogueTR 10:00am-11:15amHale Pālanakila 2288/24-12/1860290
THEA 222Acting IIT KinoshitaMW 2:30pm-3:45pmHale Pālanakila 2288/24-12/1860492
THEA 260Dramatic ProductionT KinoshitaMTWRF 7:00pm-10:00pmHale Pālanakila 2288/25-10/0960461
WS 151WI-Intro to Women\'s StudiesK French Online8/24-12/1860462
WS 200WI-Culture, Gender, AppearanceK French Online8/24-10/1660463
ZOOL 200Marine BiologyP Srsen Online8/24-12/1860464