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Student loan borrowers are required to complete the Loan Exit Counseling when

  • leaving school
  • graduating, or
  • dropping below half-time enrollment

The purpose of Student Loan Exit Counseling is to ensure student loan borrowers understand their loan obligations and are prepared for loan repayment.

Completing the online loan exit counseling

  • Go to
  • Log In to Start or View Demo for “Undergraduate Student”
  • Enter your verified account 
  • Update and confirm your account information
  • Review the Exit Counseling Overview before proceeding 

You must finish exit counseling in one sitting, which usually takes about 30 minutes. You cannot skip around or save an incomplete session, and you will need to proceed through the Exit Counseling in the order shown below:

Contact Settings:

  1. Confirm Contact Information
  2. References
  3. Notify Schools
  4. Why Am I Completing Exit Counseling?

My Loans

  1. What do I owe?
  2. Loan Terminology
  3. When Do I Pay?
  4. What Is Interest Accrual?
  5. What Is Interest Capitalization and When Does It Occur?

Preparing to Repay

  1. Who’s Responsible for What in Your Student Loan Journey
  2. Your Loan Servicer
  3. Understanding Student Loan Obligations
  4. Federal Student Loan Benefits and Options
  5. What Happens if You Default

Determining Your Repayment Strategy

  • Family details
  • Employment Plans
  • Salary Information
  • Repayment Goal
  • Repayment Strategy

Final Steps

  1. Summary
  2. Next steps

If you would like an in-person Loan Exit Counseling session, please call the Windward Community College Financial Aid Office at 808-235-7449 to schedule an appointment. You may also download a pdf version of the Direct Student Loan Exit Counseling booklet (pdf).