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How do I apply for Financial Aid (Grants and Student Loans)?

To apply for Financial Aid through Windward Community College (WCC), you will need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application every year to see what types of Financial Aid you are eligible for. WCC’s Federal School Code is 010390. For more information, take a look at our Financial Aid Application Process page.

How often do I need to complete a FAFSA application?

The FAFSA application needs to be completed ONCE every school year.  Our suggestion is to complete a new FAFSA for the upcoming school year on or after October 1 of that year.  You will need tax year income information at the time of filing.  Our WCC FAFSA application priority deadline is March 1 of every year. 

How do I check on my Financial Aid status?

Upon processing your FAFSA, the federal government will forward the results of the application to you and to each school noted on your FAFSA. If the Financial Aid Office needs additional information to determine your aid eligibility, the additional items required will be requested through your MyUH account at as well as emails that will be sent to your UH email address. Upon determination of your aid eligibility, the Financial Aid Office will inform you through your UH email of your award status and provide you with additional information regarding your financial aid award. You can also check your award status online through MyUH Account.

How do I accept my student loan(s)?

To accept your student loan(s), please log in to your MyUH account and Accept Your Award Offer by clicking on the Financial Aid tab and selecting the appropriate college and aid year.

What do I do after I accept my student loan(s)?

After you accept your student loan(s) via your MyUH account, go online to (sign in with your FSA ID username and password) and complete the Loan Entrance Counseling session, as well as the Master Promissory Note. Please visit

How do I get my money?

Your financial aid will be disbursed or applied electronically to your registration charges approximately ten (10) days before the beginning of each semester.  After your tuition and fees have been paid off, any excess amount will be refunded to you via paper refund check (sent through the regular mail) or direct deposit into your bank account (only if you signed up for eRefund through your MyUH Account) within ten (10) days from the date of disbursement.

Please note that students attending Windward Community College (WCC) for the first time and making a Federal Direct Student Loan for the first time will have a 30-day delay on their first loan disbursement. 

Why wasn’t my Financial Aid applied to my account?

  1. You did not complete your requirements. Please check your MyUH Account
  2.  Your enrollment level is different from what is listed on your WCC Award Offer.
  3. You did not complete the loan process by doing the Loan Entrance Counseling or the Master Promissory Note.  Please visit for more information.
  4. You completed the loan process recently. It may take up to two (2) weeks after you have completed your Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note before your money is disbursed.

Where is my Financial Aid refund?

  1. Generally, financial aid refunds are processed by the Cashier’s Office within ten (10) days after the WCC Financial Aid Office disburses your funds.
  2. You have recently dropped classes and are no longer eligible for the amount originally disbursed to you.  Please contact the WCC Financial Aid Office for more information.

What is eRefunds?

eRefund is a simple and secure way to receive your financial aid refund(s).  Instead of having a paper check mailed to you, you can choose to sign up for eRefund and have your money electronically deposited into your bank account.  We recommend this method for refunds.

How do I sign up for eRefunds?

For more information about eRefund and how to set up eRefund for your account, please visit this website:

Any Questions? Please contact the WCC Financial Aid Office at (808)235-7449 or by email at

Best wishes for a successful school year!!!