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At times, the Financial Aid Office will need additional information to determine a student’s Financial Aid eligibility.  Students are informed of any additional requirements through their UH email. Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, most forms will be online forms through our Third Party Vendor ProVerifier powered by ProEd. Unless otherwise stated below, complete the necessary forms online. Please also be sure to complete the correct form(s) for the correct school year.

Ability to Benefit
Used to determine high school completion or equivalency
Available only through ProVerifier PortalClick here to complete
Authorization of DisclosureDocuSign FormClick here to complete
Concurrent Enrollment
Used to list courses that Windward Community College students are taking at other UH campuses and would like to request to have those courses counted as part of their entire enrollment level for a given semester.
View/DownloadNo Longer Required
Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan Request
Used by parents of dependent undergraduate students to apply for Parent Loan
View/DownloadAccess Form
Federal Direct Student Loan Request
Used by students to request student loan(s)
View/DownloadAccess Form
Legal Guardianship VerificationAvailable only through the ProVerifier PortalClick here to complete
Special CircumstanceNAAccess Form
Summer School Financial Aid Eligibility FormAccess Form
Request for Cost of Attendance AdjustmentsNAAccess Form
Unusual Enrollment History
Used to determine eligibility for students who have attended multiple colleges colleges or universities in the past three years.
Available only through the ProVerifier PortalClick here to complete
Verification Worksheet
Used to verify household and income information.
Available only through ProVerifier PortalNA

*(Submit to WCC Financial Aid Office( via UH File Drop)