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Hale Alakaʻi is temporarily closed for electrical repairs. Read more for relocations and details.

Our campus community recognizes that the beauty of the Windward Community College campus is unsurpassed and all of us have every reason to want to maintain and enhance those qualities.

As such, the Aesthetics Committee oversees the aesthetic standards of the campus in accordance with the existing Master Plan, PRU (Plan Review Use Application) and Urban Design Plan.  The Committee will be consulted and make recommendations for the physical appearance of the campus in regard to:

  • Placement of signs and bulletin boards on interior and exterior space of buildings;
  • Placement of artwork on interior and exterior space of buildings with the exception of private offices;
  • Developing and broadly communicating poster placement policies;
  • Tree planting and/or removal;
  • Temporary and permanent structures;
  • Peripheral structures in and out of buildings, such as railings, display cases, lockers, bicycle racks, and walkways;
  • New buildings and infrastructure (such as parking lots and roadways).
  • All other aesthetic concerns as brought to the attention of the committee.

The Aesthetics Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor, and consists of a broad representation of faculty and staff members, as well as one representative of the WCC student body. Student and faculty/staff representatives on the committee provide valuable input into the ongoing concerns on campus about maintaining the beauty of both structures and grounds.