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Hale Alakaʻi is temporarily closed for electrical repairs. Read more for relocations and details.

The Master Planning and Space Allocation Committee (MaPSAC) makes recommendations to the Chancellor regarding semi-permanent and permanent uses of enclosed and open spaces on campus, including existing buildings, renovations to existing structures, proposed new structures, and the use of open acreage. 

As reflected in the committee charter, the objective of the committee is to enhance the functionality, accessibility, and the beauty of the Windward CC campus structures and spaces in the interest of creating a more effective learning environment for our students.

The goals of MaPSAC are: 

  1. To enhance the functionality, accessibility, and beauty of the WCC campus structures and spaces. 
  2. Create a more effective learning environment for students.

Committee representation is campus-wide by various departments and committees.  Requests for space allocation must be submitted for MaPSAC review.  The Committee formulates recommendations and submits them to the Chancellor for approval and implementation.  The Chancellor reserves the right to accept, in whole or in part, or to refuse the Committee’s recommendation due to extenuating circumstances.

The Space Allocation Form, Committee Membership Information, and Archived Documents can be accessed by WCC Faculty and Staff via the Intranet.