Reconnecting with Hawaiian Culture

Hawai‘iloa, distant Hawai‘i, is a sacred name that connects us to our voyaging history, the knowledge, tenacity, and importance of our familial connections from antiquity. It is applicable to the aspirations of this cohort, or group—to pull in our Hawaiians who have voyaged near and far from home and bind them back into the fabric of our people, culture and history through this educational endeavor.

Hawai‘iloa, a new online Hawaiian Studies program, will take you on a journey together as a cohort, and through the breadth of connections, give you multiple ways of understanding and connecting.

Program Description

Hawai‘iloa is an immersive, accelerated experience in ‘ike (knowledge) and ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i (Hawaiian language) leading to the Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies degree.

  • Fully online AA degree
  • 8-week online cohort; two classes taken at a time (four per semester) for two years
  • Three cohort pathways: those with no previous coursework, already have a degree, or noncredit (non-degree-seeking)
  • Transferable to a bachelor’s degree
  • Limited seats available; accepting for Spring and Fall 2021

Attend an Information Session

Join us for an information session to discover more about the Hawai‘iloa program and get your questions answered about:

  • Applying to Windward Community College
  • Registering for courses
  • Online learning technology and how we support your journey

No Events

Attend an information session or fill out the interest form to connect with a campus representative before you apply. Please complete the interest form if you are unable to attend an information session.

Program Costs

Native Hawaiians living in the continental U.S. and Hawai‘i residents both pay the same community college in-state resident tuition. Total cost for the Hawai‘iloa Hawaiian Studies AA degree is approximately $8,200** (resident and/or Native Hawaiian tuition).

FeeResident and/or Native Hawaiian *Non-Resident
Tuition$131 per credit$345 per credit
Publication Fee$1 per credit ($10 max)$1 per credit ($10 max)

*Non-residents may be allowed to pay resident tuition if they qualify for one of the UH Board of Regents tuition exemptions, which includes Native Hawaiians living on the continent with proof of ethnicity.
**CARES Act stipends for Spring 2021 are available to those who qualify.

Tuition Assistance

Applicants may be eligible for financial aid via completion of a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Visit to begin the process. Contact WCC’s financial aid office by phone (808-235-7449) or email Other financial aid opportunities may become available during the program and will be disseminated as they are announced. 

Please note: professional education related to your work may be eligible for a tax deduction –please check with your tax preparer.

Path of the Hawai‘iloa Voyage

Each semester is mapped out for you. The following is a sampling of the 8-week classes cohort. The next cohort starts in Fall 2021:

Semester 1 Course
Week 1–8 HAW 101: Elementary Hawaiian I
  HWST 107: Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific
Week 9–16 HAW 102: Elementary Hawaiian II
  HWST 270: Hawaiian Mythology
Semester 2 Course
Week 1–8 HAW 201: Intermediate Hawaiian I
  ENG 100: Composition I
Week 9–16 HAW 202: Intermediate Hawaiian II
  SP 181: Interpersonal Communication
Summer Course
  MATH 78: College Math companion
  MATH 100: Survey of Mathematics or MATH 103: College Algebra (for STEM degree pathways)
Semester 3 Course
Week 1–8 HIST 151: World History to 1500
  HIST 284: History of Hawai‘i
Week 9–16 HIST 152: World History since 1500
  POLS 180: Introduction to Hawaiian Politics
Semester 4 Course
Week 1–8 IS 201: The Ahupua‘a
  HWST 130: Hula ‘Olapa: Traditional Hawaiian Dance
 Week 9–16 GG 103: Geology of the Hawaiian Islands
  ANTH 175: Polynesian Surf Culture
Semester 5 Course
Week 1–8 HWST 110: Huaka‘i Wa‘a: Intro to Hawaiian Voyaging
  MUS 177: Introduction to Hawaiian Music
Note: We reserve the right to substitute courses. Any substituted course will still fulfill the degree requirements.

Join us on the Hawai‘iloa voyage. Attend an information session to learn more, or fill out the interest form to connect with a campus representative