Tutoring for Spring 2021

Ka Piko Math Lab will be available for online drop-in tutoring for the Spring 2021 semester. Tutors will work with students on a first-come first-served basis.

Students can connect with a tutor by following these steps:

  1. View the Math Lab schedule
  2. During tutoring hours, add yourself to the Math Lab waitlist
  3. Wait for an email/text with your tutor’s Zoom link
  4. Click the link to start your tutoring session

Math problem got you stumped? The Math Lab provides FREE assistance for all math courses offered at WCC, helping to improve students’ understanding of important concepts and problem solving processes.

The Math Lab is equipped with PC computers, large study tables, whiteboards, dry erase markers, math textbooks, and calculators that can be utilized anytime in the lab.

The Math Lab is closed on weekends and holidays.


Kevin Takayama
Math Lab Coordinator

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Follow us on Instagram @kapikowcc

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