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Registering with EdReady

You need an account to use EdReady, so will need to register before you can start using it.

You should see the UHCC logo in the header: if you don’t, you need to double-check that you’re at the right URL:

To Register:

  1. Click the Get Started button on the homepage
  2. The Sign Up page will open: complete the information (First & Last Name, email address, password, zip code, UH ID Number, and UH Campus)
    Note: double-check your email address to make sure it is correct – this will be your EdReady username you need to log in, and is the email address that is used if you forget your password
  3. Then click the Sign Up button
  4. Check your inbox for an email confirming your EdReady account. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account
    If you don’t get the email within 5 minutes, your email address may have been typed incorrectly. We suggest you try to register again. Tell your instructor right away if you’re having trouble so they can reach out to EdReady Support.
  5. You should see an on-screen message that your account is active. Log in and you’re now ready to start using EdReady!

Logging into EdReady

  1. Log into EdReady by clicking the Log In link in the header
  2. Enter your email and password, then click the Log In button
    Note: If you forget your password, click the Forgot Password? link. You’ll be asked to enter your Email Address (the one you used to register with EdReady), and a new password will be emailed to you

Goals & Your Student Dashboard

The first time you log into EdReady, you’ll see a pop-up window. Enter the goal key for your UHCC Campus in the textbox and click the Submit button. The textbox will be replaced with the name of the goal you entered the password for & joined.

Click the the ‘x’ in the top right-hand corner to close to this window

Enter Your Goal Key (case sensitive!)

CampusGoal Key
Hawaiʻi CCUH_HAW_Placement
Honolulu CCUH_HON_Placement
Kapiʻolani CCUH_KAP_Placement
Kauaʻi CCUH_KAU_Placement
Leeward CCUH_LEE_Placement
Maui CollegeUH_MAU_Placement
Windward CCUH_WIN_Placement
  1. Want more details about a goal? Click on the left-hand side of the goal card or the More info button.
  2. If you want to work on a goal listed on your dashboard, click the Go to goal button: this will be your first step most times you are working in EdReady. (See more details below in the ‘Working on your Goals in EdReady’ section)
  3. Click the Help button to search our knowledge base or reach out (see more details below)
  4. Click your name in the header to see a menu where you can Log Out of EdReady and access your My Account page (to change your password or download your data)
  5. Have you been given a key or a password? Click on the Enter a key join private goals button and the window shown to the left will open. Enter the key in the textbox and click the Submit button.

The textbox will be replaced with the name of the goal you just joined. (If you no longer want to join this goal, click the ‘remove this goal’ button.)

Click the Done button to close this window

Decide on the Learning Path that is right for you

There is only one English PathCollege English Placement.

This learning path covers reading, grammar, and writing skills to prepare and place students into the most appropriate UHCC English or ESL course. You can complete this EdReady diagnostic and study path to earn a placement score (target score is 64 to 100) to register for English courses and college courses requiring English readiness.

English Path 1: College English64ENG 100, 102
Math Path 1: Non-STEM/College Math72Math 100, 111, 115, College Math
Math Path 2: STEM/Algebra72Math 103: Algebra
Math Path 3: STEM/Calculus85Math 241: Calculus

There are three Math Paths. Please contact a campus counselor for guidance on which Math Path may right for you.

Math Path 1: Non-STEM/College Math Placement.

This learning path is recommended for all students in Non-STEM programs that do not require College Algebra or Calculus. This includes students pursuing Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Nursing, Education, and Career & Technical Education programs. This learning path covers math readiness for entry into Math 100: Survey of Mathematics, Math 111: Math for Elementary Teachers, and Math 115: Introduction to Statistics and Probability and other College Math courses.

Math Path 2: STEM/Algebra Placement.

This learning path is appropriate for all students seeking placement into Math 103: College Algebra most typical for students in program areas of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, and some Health Sciences (non-Nursing). Students attempting to place in Math courses beyond College Algebra including Pre-Calculus and Calculus may prefer to take Math Path 3.

Math Path 3: STEM/Calculus Placement.

This learning path is appropriate for all students in program areas of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, and some Health Sciences seeking placement into Math courses beyond College Algebra including Math 135: Pre-Calculus: Elementary Functions, Math 140: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry, Math 203: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences, and Math 241: Calculus I.

Working on your Goals in EdReady

From your dashboard, click Go to Goal to work on that goal. Click on the Start diagnostic button to begin building your personalized study path.

You will see a series of questions where you will be tested on your knowledge.

If you need to leave the test before you finish, click the Save and close link – you’ll be able to finish this test at another time.

After you finish the initial test, you’ll see a score show up on the scorebar, inside a purple circle. As you work in EdReady, your score will change to reflect your improved knowledge!

Once available, click the View Study Path button to see and work on the material you still need to work on. After you take the initial test, this is what you’ll do to keep working in EdReady.

You can Learn any topic, allowing you to access online courses directly from EdReady. Once you’re ready, Test your knowledge to see, letting you test what you have learned and Master material. Your performance on these Tests will update your EdReady score and your current status for the tested material. You are encouraged to work on math and English study paths to a score of 100.

Want more details about your Study Path & working in EdReady? Visit the User Guide.

Register for your class. When you hit the target or milestone scores you will receive an email notification that you are allowed to enroll in the allowable courses. Please allow 24-48 hours for your EdReady score to update in the UH course registration system.

Need Help using EdReady?

If you need any help using EdReady, you can always click the Help button that shows up on the left- hand side of every page.

In the window that opens, enter some text about what you need help with, then click the magnifying glass button to search.

You will see some articles in our Help Center that may be able to help you.

Not seeing what you need? Click the Contact Us button – this will allow you to submit a ticket directly to the EdReady technical support team.

EdReady Help Center (Knowledge Base & FAQs)