Three high school students, shoulder to shoulder wearing Windward CC shirts and smiling. Ho‘olei 6-credit tuition scholarship. Exclusively for Windward area public high school graduates. - University of Hawaii Windward Community College

What brings you to college? Whatever the reason, the key is taking the leap. Talk story with counselors who can answer all your questions about how the Ho‘olei scholarship works, applying for college, deadlines, and more. Plus, they will give you tips that will make your transition from high school to college smooth. Everything you need to Make. It. Work.

Ho‘olei Scholarship

What is it? A 6-credit tuition scholarship for the first two semesters at Windward CC starting in Fall 2021. That means six credits in the Fall 2021 semester and six credits in Spring 2022 semester, which can save you $1,572 on tuition for the first year!

Am I eligible? Yes! If you are:

  • Windward area public and charter high school 2021 graduate
  • Enroll in at least 9 credits in the Fall 2021 semester at Windward CC (full-time enrollment is typically 12 credits)
  • Have some form of financial need

How do I apply?

Email us at We will be happy to get you started.