Current Projects

Hale ‘Imiloa 123 Renovation

Renovate existing classroom 123 to a science lab. Title III Fund

Status: Construction Completion: 03-2020

Hale Uluwehi Building Renovation

Renovate existing greenhouse facility, construct new 2 classrooms, 2 offices and restroom. Title III Fund.

Status: NTP 01-2020

Hale ‘Ākoakoa Bookstore Renovation

Renovate WCC Bookstore with coffee shop and construct 2 multipurpose rooms with a corridor from the atrium straight through to the loading dock door. Provide air conditioning to main telecom and electrical room.

Status: Bid Phase

Hale Mana‘opono Building Awning/Ramp

Replace accessible ramps, roof awnings, gutters and downspouts. Repair and repaint building exterior. Backfill and regrade Hale La‘akea side of building to reduce potential tripping hazards at grass to walkway transitions.

Status: Bid Phase

Campus Electrical Repairs

Replace corroded metal pad mounted roadway and parking lot lighting control enclosure at lower parking lot. Removal of Hale Pālanakila parking lot transformer and lighting control enclosure. Reroute lighting control wire to chiller plant circuit panel.

Status: Bid Phase

Hale Pālanakila/’Imiloa Building Exterior Improvements

Repair and paint exterior of Hale Palanakila and Hale Imiloa. Replace and redesign gutters and downspouts at Palanakila. Existing gutter/downspout
system is causing damage to the building structure, similar to Hale ‘Ākoakoa. New system is needed to prevent future damage to the building.

Status: Design Phase (Design Only)

Hale Kako‘o Building Reroof

Replace clay tiles and repair roof decking and support structures damanges

Status: Design Phase

Hale La‘akea Deck Repair

Address water infiltration from conference room deck that caused water damage to interior office spaces

Status: Design Phase

Energy Saving Performance: Contract Phase II

Palanakila and Akoakoa Chiller Plant Upgrade (replace chillers and cooling towers)

Status: Optimizing Chillers

LED lighting retrofit building interior, exterior, and pole lights

Status: 95% Complete

Solar Pole parking lot lights at Hale Uluwehi

Status: Spring 2020

Solar Panels with Batteries

Status: Testing

Master Plan – PRU Update


Status: Ongoing

Recently Completed Projects

Campus Wide Accessibility Assessment SW17-8135

Address the accessibility violation items on the CTE audit report. Address other concerns from campus users. Provide recommendations and design for improvements.

Completed: July 19, 2019

Campus Main Vault – Enclosure/Hale Awa Tie-in

Construct new enclosure structure to protect campus main switchgear and perform maintenance work on the switchgear. Connect Hale Awa and Cottages electrical system to campus system. AWA and Cottages currently on State Hospital electrical system.

Completed: Jan 19, 2019

Energy Saving Performance Contract Phase II

Palanakila and Akoakoa Chiller Plant Upgrade (replace chillers and cooling towers)

Completed: September 18, 2019

Hale La‘akea Chilled Water Loop Tie-in

Completed: October 18, 2019

Replacement of building interior transformers

Completed: October 18, 2019

Hale ‘Imiloa Reroof

Re-Roof with new clay tiles and Makai side flat roof. Replace mechanical access hatch doors and resurface mechanical equipment flat roof. Repair/Replace gutters and downspouts includes Hokulani walkway.

Completed: December 18, 2019

Hale Ākoakoa – Gutters and Downspouts: Replacement Phase II

Re-design and replace entire gutters/downspouts system. New downspout system will be surface mounted. Bottom port of downspout to be PVC and upper portion copper. Modify existing lobby level (road) downspouts to stop water going into lobby areas. Repaint exterior.

Completed: October 18, 2019

Hale ‘Ākoakoa – Child Care Center T-3

Renovate and expansion of Akoakoa conference 107/109 for child care center – Title III fund.

Completed: October 18, 2019

Palanakila Ceramic Structural Assessment

Assess add-on structural that was built after the building was accepted for building code compliance.

Completed: January 18, 2019

Hale Na‘auao/Manaleo – Replace Ramp/Awning

Construct new awning, ramp, and railing. Restore the buildings entry way back to its original historic architectural design. Install new water cooler in both buildings.

Completed: October 17, 2019

Hale Alaka‘i – Reroof

Re-roof with new tiles and repair leaks (Room 113, Hallway, AR, FinAid, Classrooms)

Completed: Mar-17

Hale ‘Ākoakoa/æImiloa/Pālanakila – Water Infiltration Assessment

Water infiltration problems at Hale Imiloa floor tiles, Hale ʻĀkoakoa floor tiles and Hale Pālanikila damp room, entry lobby floor at Palikū Theater

Completed: May-17

Hale ʻĀkoakoa – Gutters and Downspouts Repair

Repair/clean gutters and downspouts. Repaint water damaged walls and columns.

Completed: Mar-17

Hale Na‘auao/Manaleo – Repave and Add New Sidewalk

Repave Hale Naʻauao staff parking lot and driveway between Hale Naʻauao/Manaleo. Construct new sideway behind Hale Naʻauao.

Completed: Dec-16

Hale Ka‘koo – Interior Renovation

Major renovation of Hale Kakoʻo (old Hale Naʻauao) interior. Building will have a conference room, staff lounge, and TRIO, and 25 offices, Building a/c will be tie-in to campus chilled water loop system from Hale ʻĀkoakoa. Additive bid items to Repainting of entire exterior and Install window shades.

Completed: Aug-16

Hale Ākoakoa – Replace Drapes and Partitions

Replace conference 101-105 rooms drapes and partitions. Install new motorized window shades

Completed: Aug-16

Hale Hokulani – Reroute Electrical

Reroute Hokulani main electrical feed from Hale ʻImiloa basement main switchboard to the pad mounted transformer serving Hale ʻImiloa.

Completed: Aug-16

Please contact Andy Li, Facilities Manager, if you have any questions. Email: