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The Pu‘uhonua Program serves incarcerated individuals and opportunity youth through credit-bearing college coursework at Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, Halawa Correctional Facility, Olomana School, and Women’s Community Correctional Center. The program actively engages students through rigorous coursework, skill building, and proactive counseling and support services.

Pu‘uhonua Student Spotlight: Momi Cody

“It’s given me more opportunity. Definitely.”

Momilani Cody shares her experience as a Puʻuhonua Program participant while being incarcerated as well the generous support she received from Windward Community College.  She is currently on track to receive her Bachelor’s of Social Work and has ambitions for helping those that are underserved in our community.

Pu‘uhonua is a high performing program

  • Program has grown from five students (2015-16) to 119 students (2021-22).
  • Students have averaged a 3.5 GPA for past 5 years (2017-18 to 2021-22).
Bar graph showing the rise in headcount and GPA from less than 10 in 2015 through over 120 with average GPA of 3.6 in 2021.

Post-Pu‘uhonua Tuition Generated


Pu’uhonua students continue education at UH

Students continue their education after completing the Pu’uhonua Program.

  • Graduates have generated $34,272.00 in post-program tuition.
  • Program alumni are pursuing degrees at Windward Community College, Honolulu Community College, and Kapiolani Community College.
  • Participating in post-secondary education while incarcerated lowers recidivism rates by 46% (Meyer & Fredricks, 2010).


Meyer, S. J., Fredericks, L., Borden, C. M., & Richardson, P. L. (2010). Implementing postsecondary academic programs in state prisons: Challenges and opportunities. Journal of Correctional Education, 148-184.