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Lecturer Evaluation



As stated in your lecturer contract, a Lecturer Evaluation must be submitted in hard copy format to your Dean in the Spring semester. This evaluation is for the Spring and Fall semesters of the previous calendar year, and applies to all lecturers who have taught one or both semesters.

In 2013, the community college system adopted UHCCP #9.104 Lecturer Evaluation Policy, which can be found at Please read this policy for further information.

This policy supersedes past practices at WCC.

One specific change to be noted is that:

All lecturers at Step A shall be evaluated once each year; all lecturers at Step B shall be evaluated once every two years and all lecturers at Step C shall be evaluated once every four years.

Please note that we will utilize your last submitted evaluation in determining when the next is required. For example, if you submitted an evaluation last year and are currently Step B, you do NOT need to submit this year, unless specifically asked to submit by your Department Chair (or their Designee) due to a concern with performance, as per the policy.

This policy also contains the specific minimal requirement of the Lecturer Evaluation document. Please note that if you are required to submit a Lecturer evaluation and fail to do so, you will not be rehired the following semester. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Dean.


Related Policies

Recruitment, selection and appointments of lecturers are governed by the University of Hawai’i Board of Regents Policy, Section 9-1 .a.(6), and system-wide Administrative Procedures A9.560, Guidelines for Appointment of Lecturers, pp.1-7.