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Gender Issues

Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, Judith Butler

Psychological Androgyny, Ellen Piel Cook

Refusing To Be a Man, John Stoltenberg

Sex and Gender, John Archer and Barbara Lloyd

Sex and Gender in Historical Perspective, Edited by Edward Muir and Guido Ruggiero

Sexuality and Sex Roles

Androgyny: Toward a New Theory of Sexuality, June Singer

Beyond Sex Roles, Alice G. Sargent

Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality, Edited by Ann Snitow, et al.

The Second Sex, Simone De Beauvoir

Sex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility, Germaine Greer HQ21.G6713.1984

The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States, Edward O. Laumann, et al.

Body Image

The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women, Naomi Wolf

The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, Joan Jacobs Brumberg

Body Traps: Breaking the Binds that Keep You From Feeling Good About Your Body, Judith Rodin

Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media, Susan Douglas

Feminist Theory

The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan
In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development
, Carol Gilligan

Intercourse, Andrea Dworkin

Women, Race, and Class, Angela Davis

Only Words, Catharine MacKinnon

Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood, Naomi Wolf

Literature and Poetry

An Atlas of a Difficult World, Adrienne Rich

Circle of Women:An Anthology of Contemporary Western Women Writers, Kim Barnes

The Handmaid’s Tale: A Novel, Margaret Atwood

Selected Poems and Letters of Emily Dickinson, Emily Dickinson

Social Change

The World Split Open: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America, Ruth Rosen

DVDs and Videos at the WCC Library

A History of Women’s Achievement in America
Broken Child: Case Studies of Child Abuse
Battered Women: Fighting Back
Battered Women: Under Seige
Driving Miss Daisy
Heart of the Sun
The Hours
Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness, A new video by Jean Kilbourne

Brokeback Mountain
Saving Face
Goldfish Memory
If These Walls Could Talk 2
The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love
In and Out
Wedding Banquet
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything
But I’m a Cheerleader
Boys Don’t Cry


The following websites contain information about women and their accomplishments in academia, music, art, careers, and sports. There is also information about feminist theory, social justice, and media. Included also are LGBTI related resources. At the bottom of the page, there are links to websites for girls, too. Enjoy!

Women and Academia

The Society for Women in Philosophy
The Bloomsbury Group
Women in Mathematics
A Guide to Women’s Studies Programs in the USA
A Guide to Women’s Studies Programs Worldwide
Female Nobel Prize Laureates
National Women’s Hall of Fame
University of Hawai’i Commission on the Status of Women

Women and Art

Rosie O’Donnell
MHJ Gallery – Fine art work by Marlene Hilborn Johansen

Women and Athletics

Faerber’s Flyers: Women’s Running Group on Oahu
Women Runners
Trail Runner Magazine
Running for Women
Women’s Sports Foundation
WWW Women’s Sports Page
History of Women in Sports Timeline
Empowering Women in Sports
Women’s Sports on TV
Black Women in Sport Foundation
Gender Equity in Sports
Go Girl World Sports

Feminist Theory

Website for Andrea Dworkin
A Male Feminist Perspective: Steve Schacht
Using a Feminist Pedagogy as a male teacherQueer Theory
Judith Butler and Queer Theory
Black American Feminisms
Asian American Feminism
Feminista!: The Journal of Feminist Construction

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Resources

Resources for parents of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth
Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
The Cool Page for Queer Teens
Gay and Lesbian Media Watchdog

Media Related Sites

Women’s Studies Film Reviews
See Jane
Women’s Studies DatabaseBerkeley Media LLC Films
Women Make Movies: Films by and about Women
Media Watch
Take Back the News
Ms Magazine
No Status Quo websites
Researching American women through the Library of Congress
Gender-Related Electronic ForumsFeminist literature (etc.) bibliography links
Web by Women, for Women
Guerrilla Girls
Adios Barbie
Air America Radio
The Nation
Independent Media Center
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Media
Kill Your Television
CNN Exposed
Bitch Magazine
Women in Media & News

Women and Music

Righteous Babe Records
Ani Difranco
Lori McKenna
Sue Foley Blues Guitar
Joan Armatrading
Patty Larkin
Tori Amos
Michelle Shocked
Rickie Lee Jones
Suzanne Vega
Indigo Girls
Toni Childs
Sinead O’Connor
Kate Bush
Sarah McLachlan
k.d. lang
Jonatha Brooke
Joni Mitchell
Janis Ian
Paula Cole
WomanRock: Magazine, Musicshop, Community

Social Justice

Nikki Craft
Satya Magazine website
Tasty and Meatless
Feminists for Animal Rights
Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem Program in Hawaii
National Organization for Women (NOW)
Feminist Majority Foundation on-line
Documents from the Women’s Liberation Movement in the USA
AntiRacism Net
Emma Goldman website
The Intersex Society of North America
Asexual Visibility and Educational Network
End Violence Against Women: Information and Resources
State by State Legal Information and Resources for Domestic Violence
International Women’s Websites
International Women’s Day
Women in Global Science and Technology
Global WomenAction
National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance The World’s Largest Pro-Choice Campus Network
Women and Social Movements in the USA
Leaving an Abusive Relationship
Planned Parenthood
NARAL Pro-Choice America
National Abortion Federation
Code Pink: Women for Peace
Democracy Now!
National Women’s Rights Resources and Organizations
History of the Women’s Rights Movement
Women Who Changed the World
Margaret Sanger Papers Project
Nikki Craft: Political Activist
An Open Letter to Men Who Say They Believe in Freedom and Equality
Utah Phillips

Women and Work

Women Oceanographers
Women of NASA
Careers for Women in Music and Art
American Business Women’s Association

For Girls

New Moon Magazine
Go Grrrls Program
Girls and Technology
Website for young Feminists
Software for Girls
About-Face: A critical approach to media
Dads and Daughters
Engineer Girl
Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore
NOW and Young Feminism