University Partners - Veterinary Technician Certificate from San Juan College

University Partners - Veterinary Technician Certificate from San Juan College


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Windward Community College Veterinary Assisting Certificate Program
San Juan College Veterinary Technology AAS Degree Program

Completed Windward Community College Course with a grade of 70 percent or better

San Juan College Course Equivalent

HLTH 125: Survey of Medical Terminology (1 SCH) and ANSC 190:  Veterinary Assisting Internship (3 SCH)

VETT 118: Veterinary Medical Terminology (2 SCH)  and VETT 111: Veterinary Nursing Care 1 (2 SCH)

ANSC 151: Clinical laboratory Techniques (3 SCH) and ANSC 151L (1 SCH)

VETT 117: Veterinary Clinical Pathology 1 (2 SCH) and VETT 136L: Veterinary Clinical Laboratory 2 (2 SCH)

ANSC 142: Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals (3 SCH) and ANSC 142L (1 SCH) 

VETT 230: Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology (3 SCH)

BUSN 191: Veterinary Office and Computer Skills (3 SCH) and MATH: Veterinary Assistant Mathematics (1 SCH)

VETT 112: Veterinary Business Procedures (2 SCH) and VETT 131: Veterinary Business Procedures 2 (2 SCH)

ENGL 100: Expository Writing
(3 SCH)

ENGL 111: Freshman Composition (3 SCH)

CHEM 151: Elementary Survey of Chemistry (3 SCH) and CHEM 151: Lab (1 SCH)

BIOL 121: Intro Biology 1 (4 SCH)

SP 151 : Personal and Public Speech (3 SCH)

SPCH 110: Public Speaking  (3 SCH) or
SPCH 111: Interpersonal Communication  (3 SCH)

PSY 100: Survey of Psychology  (3 SCH)

Fine Arts/Humanities Elective  (3 SCH) as appropriate


Total hours transferred to SJC: 29 SCH after conversion