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Using Laulima Discussion and Private Messages


Discussions are organized into categories (the broader collection with the grey box) and forums (that exist within a category). In the example below, the two categories are "Other" and "Main" and the three forums are "Questions", "Student Lounge" and "Class Discussions". Topics are what people have posted within a forum.

So remember, Topics are put into Forums and Forums are put into Categories.

Screenshot showing the Discussions and Private Messages page

To see what has been posted in a forum, click on the forum name. You will see a list of the topics that people have posted.

Screenshot showing the Post Reply buttonReading and Replying to a Topic

Once you're in the forum, you can read the topics that other people have posted by clicking on the title of their post.

If you want to reply to a topic that someone else has posted, when you are reading their post, click on the "Post Reply" button.



Screenshot showing the New Topic buttonCreating a New Topic

To post your own topic, click on the "New Topic" button.


Note that it is recommended that you use Firefox whenever you are editing text in Laulima (including using the Discussion and Private Messages tool).