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Copying Course Material From One Course to Another


While you cannot completely clone a course, you can copy materials from one course to another. You must do each course individually.

  1. Turn on the appropriate tools in the new course. If you do not have the tool already turned on, then you cannot copy materials over.
  2. On the new course, click on the "Site Info" tool
  3. In the header of that tool, click on the "Import From Site" link

Screenshot showing "Import From Site" button

  1. Select the course (or courses) that you want to input materials from and click the "Continue" button.
  2. Select which material you want to copy and click on the "Finish" button. Note that you will copy all of the materials associated with that tool, so you may want to delete things from the new course.

If the tool does not show up in the list, make sure that it's turned on for both courses. If it still does not show up, it may be that materials from the tool cannot be copied.