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Battle of the Buildings


WCC’s first-ever “Battle of the Buildings,” an energy conservation challenge that pits campus buildings against one another to see which can reduce its energy consumption the most.

The goal of the contest, which is loosely modeled off a national competition called Campus Conservation Nationals, is to help students, faculty and staff learn more about energy conservation and to use this knowledge to reduce their consumption.

Each building in the competition will have a team captain who will help the building’s residents develop an energy conservation plan. Because each building is so unique, the faculty, staff and students who use the buildings are the ones who know best what can be done to reduce their consumption.

Winners will be announced each month until the end of the academic year. In addition, there will be semester winners and a grand prize for the building with the greatest energy reduction by the end of the year.

This Months Results

Below you can view where your buildings usage is compared to the baseline numbers taken in September. The lower the percentage the better. That means you're using less energy than your average. Anything over 100% means you're using more energy that your weekly average. These numbers are updated weekly. Everyone is competing against themselves to lower their own energy consumption. Good Luck!

Monthly Usage (Wh per Sqft)

Taking into account factors such as shared A/C and building size, each buildings Wh per square foot has been calculated. Taking away those factors and showing a per square foot number gives an overall idea of just how efficient a building is.

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