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Time Management Exercise


In this exercise you'll work on a 7-day, 24-hour schedule.  When you're done, press the SUBMIT button and your schedule will be shown to you.  Feel free to come back and adjust your answers until you achieve a balanced schedule.

Question 1

How many hours (on average) per day would you need to sleep a night in order to wake up feeling refreshed and able to concentrate in class and on homework?

  hours per day

Question 2

How many hours per week do you plan on working during the school semester?

  per week

Question 3

How many credits will you take per semester?

  credits per semester

Note: On average, 1 credit hour = 1 hour of class per week.  Labs are the exception.

Question 4

How many hours per week do you need to study in order to earn A’s and B’s in the credits you are registered for?

  hours per week

Note: The average time a student should study per hour in class is 2-3 hours.  A full time student with 12 credits should theoretically be studying 24-36 hours per week.  12 hours in class and 24 hours of studying equals 36 hours per week.  Being a full-time student is a full time job!

Question 5

How many hours per week is used for maintenance?

      This includes the time it takes for:

5.1 Eating all the meals you eat in a week  /week
5.2 Personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, etc.) /week
5.3 Chores (laundry, cleaning, etc.)  /week
5.4 Personal/Family obligations (childcare, family care, etc.) /week
5.5 Organization obligations (clubs, church, sports, etc.)   /week
5.6 Transportation (driving, bus, car, etc.)   /week
5.7 Recreation (hobbies, social functions, etc.) /week