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STAR GPS Registration


STAR GPS is the new way for all students in the UH System to register for classes! Students’ registration timetable will follow the same time ticketed format as previous semesters. The schedule can be found at: Instead of registering for courses via, you will be completing the process entirely via your account. Please follow the steps below:

Download the PDF instructions, or follow below instructions

  1. Log in to your Star account using your UH username and password

    Star GPS Registration Step 1

  2. In the GPS Registration Tab, confirm that your Graduation Pathway is optimized for your declared major. Then click the Registration link at the top of the desired semester.

    Star GPS Registration Step 2

  3. A registration checklist may appear if the student has registration issues to resolve.
    1. If the Terms of Registration appear, click the I Agree button.
    2. If the student record update issue appears, clickon the button to update student information and then you will automatically be taken back to the registration checklist page.

      Star GPS Registration Step 3

  4. To begin, click Select a Course for the Requirement.

    Star GPS Registration Step 4

    Note: If you do not wish to register for the specific requirement in your pathway, you are able to make a Personal Choice by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and selecting the + Add Personal Choice button.

    Star GPS Registration Step 4b

  5. The middle section provides a list of open courses that satisfy the selected requirement.

    Star GPS Registration Step 5

    1. The courses can be filtered by search options on the left. More search options (course attributes like WI, online courses, etc.) can be viewed by clicking the Show More Filters and Show Other Attributes link.
    2. Courses are listed in alphabetical order. Click a course to select it and the calendar will update on the right. Note: online courses will not appear on calendar because there is no scheduled times/days. Also, for courses that have no available seats or waitlist availability, they will not automatically show in the middle column. To view closed classes, switch the Show Closed Classes toggle button to On.
    3. To select classes for the rest of the degree requirements identified for the given semester in your pathway, navigate through the list at the top right of the screen.
    4. After all desired courses for the semester have been selected, click Continue.
  6. If a class is full, you have the ability to add yourself to the waitlist.

    Star GPS Registration Step 6-1

    Star GPS Registration Step 1

    1. First, click on the dropdown arrow corresponding with your desired course
    2. Then, select Waitlist this Item
  7. Carefully review the selected courses (can be one or more), then click the Submit Registration button.

    Star GPS Registration Step 7-1

  8. The registration will take a few seconds to process and a confirmation message will appear when complete. If there are any registration errors, they will be noted for each course.

    Star GPS Registration Step 8

  9. The registration summary on the top right of the screen will update to show the registered courses.

    Star GPS Registration Step 9

    Star GPS Registration Step 9b

    1. View your Remaining Balance and Total Charges
    2. Make a Payment through STAR GPS Registration.
    3. Click the pop-up menu to View Time Ticket Info, get your personalized Textbooks list, add your classes to your Google Calendar, Print your schedule, and get more Help.

Tips & Tricks for STAR GPS Registration Success

  1. When writing a comment in the Academic Events section, you will need to hit Enter/Return to save your note.
  2. Using Personal Choice will allow you to look at all classes (both 100+ level and below) and select any course to register for during that semester.
  3. When editing your semester-by-semester GPS pathway, you will need to click on the Recalculating icon on the upper right side of the page to ensure your change has been saved.

Star GPS Registration Tips