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What’s Ka Piko?

Ka Piko provides tutoring, testing, and tech support services that are FREE to all WCC students. Our goal is to help you build the skills you need to be successful in college and beyond.

What tutoring services does Ka Piko offer?

Drop-in Math and Writing Tutoring.
Drop-in tutoring offers students the ability to work with tutors via Zoom without an appointment and with very little (if any) wait-time. Students can drop-in during tutoring hours. provides all UH Community College students free online, on-demand tutoring. Tutors are always available, even when your teacher isn’t. Students can also drop off an essay for review and feedback. Connect with now.

When are tutors available?

Ka Piko Tutors are available Monday – Friday for various hours throughout the day. Some days we even have tutors available until 10pm! We are closed on Weekends and holidays. View our tutoring schedule to find out exactly when tutors are available.Students can also utilize our in-person tutoring rooms in the Library (located in Hale La’akea) to connect virtually with a tutor anytime Monday–Friday, 9am–3:45pm. Rooms are accessed on a first-come first-served basis. is available to students 24/7 via

How do I connect with a Ka Piko Tutor?

Connecting with a Ka Piko Tutor is easy and can be done two ways: (1) students can connect from their personal device (laptop/computer, tablet, smartphone); or (2) students can connect from one of our tutoring rooms in the Library (Hale Laʻakea).

To connect from your personal device, follow these steps:

  1. View our tutoring schedules by visiting the Ka Piko Website at (bookmark us for easy access!) and by clicking the large orange “Ka Piko Tutoring Schedules” button.
  2. Connect with a tutor by clicking on the “Math Lab Tutor” or “Writing Lab Tutor” button when a tutor is on duty. You will be taken to a website called Star Balance where you’ll add yourself to our virtual waitlist (also called the “Express Kiosk”)
  3. Wait for an email/text with your tutorʻs Zoom link.
  4. Click the link to start your tutoring session.

To connect from a tutoring room on campus, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Library (located in Hale Laʻakea) and let the circulation desk know that youʻd like to connect with Ka Piko. In order to visit the Library, students will be required to show their LumiSight daily health screening with vaccination card uploaded or recent negative COVID-19 test (within 7 days) . You will be issued a key card for one of the Ka Piko tutoring rooms.
  2. Enter the Ka Piko tutoring room. Each site will be equipped with a computer, HEPA air purifier, and other tutoring and sanitation materials. Students should limit their time in tutoring rooms to one hour. Covered drinks are allowed, but other food and drinks are not. Only one student is permitted in each room at a time, and rooms are sanitized before and after each use.

Who works for Ka Piko?

Meet our awesome Ka Piko team of faculty, staff, Ka Piko tutors, Ka Piko tech assistants, and SI Leaders. We are excited to work with you this semester!

Ka Piko Team. Meet the friendly folks at Ka Piko! (Grid of 15 Ka Piko staff photos)

Who can I contact if I have questions or need help?

Contact Scott Sutherland, Ka Piko Coordinator at You can also reach him by phone at 808-235-7467 (x467 from on campus) or you can book a virtual appointment with him.