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These policies help to ensure that coaching sessions provide a comfortable learning environment for all students. In addition to the following policies, Alakaʻi and students are expected to abide by the guidelines set forth by the University of Hawaiʻi – Systemwide Student Conduct Code.

Hoʻonui​ ​ʻIke​ ​(HI)​ ​overview:

Hoʻonui ʻIke (HI) is a peer coaching initiative funded by the Title III – Kahua Hoʻonaʻauao grant to assist students in specific math and English courses. The HI program combines coaching and study strategies to help students cultivate an independent learning style. The emphasis of the HI program is assisting students in setting and achieving goals, supporting them in the designated course, and connecting them to relevant campus-resources.

What​ ​your​ ​Alakaʻi​ ​is​ ​expected​ ​to​ ​do:

  • Hold one-on-one hour long Coaching sessions
  • Arrive to the session on time
  • Help solidify the content that was covered during lectures
  • Provide opportunities to practice
  • Ask questions that get you thinking
  • Provide useful study tips
  • Foster a comfortable learning environment
  • Challenge you
  • Provide opportunities for you to lead the conversation
  • Ask powerful and open-ended questions to help you:
    • Explore challenges to your future success
    • Identify potential solutions to these challenges
    • Set SMART goals
    • Get connected to appropriate resources
  • Complete session summary forms
  • Follow up with you

What​ ​your​ ​Alakaʻi​ ​cannot​ ​do:

  • Provide answers or step-by-step solutions for homework assignments
  • Provide assistance on any take-home quizzes or exams
  • Introduce or “teach” new material
  • Disclose confidential student information – including contact information or grades of any kind
  • Grade student assignments, quizzes, or exams
  • Show students old exams unless the instructor has given them permission to do so
  • Act as your counselor or academic advisor
  • Make decisions for you

Determining​ ​session​ ​locations​ ​and​ ​times:

Your Alakaʻi will do their best to accommodate students’ needs. They are only able to offer sessions on campus during operational hours. Session times and days will be based on when the most students are able to attend and best fits the Alakaʻi’s schedule. Alakaʻi are not obligated to offer additional or extended sessions during the semester or final exam period.

Scheduling​ ​coaching​ ​session​ ​appointments:

You can RSVP to coaching sessions by scheduling an appointment on MySuccess (accessible via MyUH Portal). Appointments should be booked 24-hours in advance if possible. If necessary, students should cancel their appointments on MySuccess at least one hour in advance.

Cancelling​ ​sessions:

Your Alakaʻi should provide students with at least 24 hours notice for cancellations due to non-emergencies. Cancellations due to emergencies may occur at any time, and the HI program will do its best to communicate such news to the respective instructor ahead of time.

No-Show​ ​policy:

If the student does not show up to their appointment within the first 20 minutes, Alakaʻi are required to cancel the remainder of the session.

If your leader is not present at their designated session time, please contact us at the email provided in the “Contacting the HI program” section.

Electronics​ ​in​ ​sessions:

In an effort to foster an environment that is conducive to learning, electronic devices including cellular phones, laptops, gaming devices, tablets, and music players should not be used unless related to the
learning experience.

Electronic devices should also be kept on silent or vibrate mode. If a phone call must be taken, the student should leave the session and quietly rejoin when it is complete.

Turn-Away​ ​policy:

All students in the designated class are welcome to attend coaching sessions. However, an Alakaʻi may turn away a student for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Behavior that is disruptive
  • Not enrolled in the course
  • Refusal to participate


Your Alakaʻi is expected to share their UH email address with you at the beginning of the semester and have been instructed not to share their personal email address(es) or phone number(s). Communication
between Alakaʻi and students must remain professional and relevant to the course material and/or sessions. Alakaʻi are not obligated to respond to all student emails.

Student​ ​expectations:

  • Promptness: If possible, students should arrive at the designated session location at the indicated session time.
  • Preparedness: Students should be prepared with notes, required text, and writing utensils.
  • Collaboration: Students should be willing to work collaboratively with their Alakaʻi.
  • Assignments: Alakaʻi may clarify the assignment, help with brainstorming, provide students with suggestions for improvement, and identify additional resources.

Contacting​ ​the​ ​HI​ ​program:

If you have any questions or concerns about the HI Program and/or your Alakaʻi, please contact the program at You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on our mid-semester and end-of-semester surveys.