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The Pacific Center for Environmental Studies (PaCES) encourages and supports environmental science education, research and stewardship at Windward Community College through the following activities: undergraduate environmental science enrichment through classroom instruction and research, workforce training, K-12 environmental science enrichment, teacher training, and community environmental science awareness. PaCES is housed within the Department of Natural Sciences.

PaCES Undergraduate Student Fellowship in Environmental Studies

Projects may involve environmental science research and/or education, resource management and/or utilization, environmental policy, public outreach, and more.

Mission of PaCES

The PaCES mission is to encourage and support environmental science education, research, and stewardship at Windward Community College and the communities the college serves. This mission is realized by following these approaches and practices:

  • Understanding the functioning of ecosystems and human influences on them
  • Viewing humans as functional components of ecosystems from historical, cultural and social, as well as scientific perspectives
  • Promoting stewardship through wise and thoughtful management of our environment and natural resources, looking to traditional practices of the past and promising technologies of the future
  • Recognizing that the quality of human life is dependent upon the quality of our environment and our ability to sustain our humanity within this environment
  • Embracing our modern understanding of the meaning of ahupua’a as the symbol for sustainability and positive human interaction with the environment

For more information contact:

David Krupp
Interim Dean Academic Affairs, Division II