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Hale Alakaʻi will be temporarily closed from May 20 for electrical repairs. Read more for relocations and details.

Q: High schools may start earlier and/or end later than the WCC semester. Does the WCC instructor follow the DOE calendar or WCC calendar?

A: The WCC instructor begins and ends instruction according to the regular WCC semester dates. If the high school calendar starts earlier or ends later, the Success Coach is responsible for the days/times when the instructor is not instructing. WCC Early College Counselors can also work with students on the days when the instructor is not there i.e. college-going activities, advising pull-outs, presentation/guest speaker, etc.

Q: Not all holidays, breaks, teacher workdays, waiver days, etc. align between the DOE and WCC calendar. What are the expectations for instructor and support coach on these days?

A: If WCC has a holiday, WCC instructors are not expected to teach at the high school.  If the high school has a holiday, the Support Coach is not expected to attend class and the WCC instructor will decide whether to not meet with students, coordinate to meet with students, provide additional assignments for students, go on a field trip, etc.  This is dependent on the resources and location of schools, students, etc. and must be coordinated ahead of time so that all parties can plan accordingly.

Q: What are the procedures for withdrawing students?

A: This should be a last resort for students but they are able to withdraw from a class without a “W” grade or with a “W” grade according to the WCC withdraw deadlines. Please notify the WCC Early College Counselor, as soon as possible, so that s/he can provide appropriate support and guidance.