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Spring 2021

CourseTitleInstructorMeeting TimeRoomDatesCRN
ACC 201
Intro to Financial AccountingR Santos Online1/11-3/0561394
ACC 202
Intro to Managerial AccountingD Hanson Online1/11-5/1461348
ACC 202Intro to Managerial AccountingR Santos Online3/08-5/1461395
AG 152Orchid CultureT Michael Online1/11-5/1461380
ANSC 151Clinical Laboratory TechniquesM Tsuda Online1/11-5/1461286
ANSC 151LClinical Laboratory Tech. LabM TsudaM 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1031/11-5/1461287
ANSC 151LClinical Laboratory Tech. LabK GeilingW 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1031/11-5/1461288
ANSC 153Companion Animal Nursing/NutriS Kissel Online1/11-5/1461179
ANSC 153LCompanion Animal Nursing LabS KisselM 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 11/11-5/1461180
ANSC 153LCompanion Animal Nursing LabS KisselM 9:00am-11:45amHale ‘Imiloa 11/11-5/1461289
ANSC 153LCompanion Animal Nursing LabS KisselW 9:00am-11:45amHale ‘Imiloa 11/11-5/1461430
ANSC 153LCompanion Animal Nursing LabE PostW 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 11/11-5/1461181
ANSC 191Vet Office and Computer SkillsS Kissel Online1/11-5/1461142
ANSC 261
Anesth & Dentistry Vet TechA Compton Online1/11-5/1461290
ANSC 261LAnesth & Dentistry Vet Tec LabB SmithF 9:00am-2:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 11/11-5/1461292
ANSC 261LAnesth & Dentistry Vet Tec LabB SmithR 9:00am-2:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 11/11-5/1461291
ANSC 262Clin Proc for Large AnimalsJ Kelly Online1/11-5/1461293
ANSC 262LClin Proc Large Animals LabJ KellyT 9:00am-2:45pmHale Pālanakila 1021/11-5/1461294
ANSC 262LClin Proc Large Animals LabJ KellyT 9:00am-2:45pmHale Pālanakila 1021/11-5/1461295
ANSC 266Vet Clin Prac & Internship IIK Baxter Online1/11-5/1461296
ANSC 290Vet Tech Exam ReviewE Post Online1/11-5/1461297
ANTH 151S-Emerging HumanityI Masterson Online1/11-5/1461068
ANTH 152S-Culture and HumanityI Masterson Online1/11-5/1461069
AQUA 201The Hawai`i FishpondL ReyMW 9:30am-10:45amHale ‘Imiloa 1171/11-5/1461388
AQUA 201LThe Hawai`i FishpondL ReyW 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1171/11-5/1461389
ART 101Intro to the Visual ArtsR Molyneux Online1/11-5/1461140
ART 101Intro to the Visual ArtsP NashMW 8:30am-9:45amHale Pālanakila 2121/11-5/1461010
ART 112Intro to Digital ArtsK Ciurej Online1/11-5/1461167
ART 113Intro to DrawingR Molyneux Online1/11-5/1461298
ART 113Intro to DrawingP NashMW 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2021/11-5/1461050
ART 113Intro to DrawingP NashTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2021/11-5/1461070
ART 115Intro to 2-D DesignA MartinTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2101/11-5/1461299
ART 123Intro to Oil PaintingB Myers Online1/11-5/1461082
ART 175Survey of Global ArtM Cadora Online1/11-5/1461141
ART 176Survey of Global Art IIM Cadora Online1/11-5/1461143
ART 213Intermediate DrawingP NashTR 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2021/11-5/1461243
ART 213Intermediate DrawingP NashMW 10:00am-12:30pmHale Pālanakila 2021/11-5/1461138
ART 223Intermediate PaintingB Myers Online1/11-5/1461300
ASTR 110
Survey of AstronomyM Kessler Online1/11-5/1461301
ASTR 110
Survey of AstronomyS Moroney Online1/11-5/1461239
Survey of Astronomy LabS Moroney Online1/11-5/1461119
BIOC 141Fundamentals of BiochemistryC Guay Online1/11-5/1461048
BIOL 100S-Human BiologyM Smith Online1/11-5/1461390
BIOL 100Human BiologyK Longenecker Online1/11-5/1461083
BIOL 100LHuman Biology LabM Smith Online1/11-5/1461084
BIOL 172Introduction to Biology IIM Onuma Online1/11-5/1461303
Introduction to Biology II LabA Faucci Online1/11-5/1461304
Introduction to Biology II LabA Faucci Online1/11-5/1461387
BLAW 200
WI-Legal Envrnment of BusinessD Raphael Online1/11-5/1461183
BOT 105EthnobotanyT Michael Online1/11-5/1461305
BOT 160ID of Tropical PlantsT Michael Online1/11-5/1461306
CHEM 100Chemistry and SocietyM Bissonnette Online1/11-5/1461027
CHEM 100Chemistry and SocietyM Bissonnette Online1/11-5/1461018
CHEM 100LChemistry and Society LabM Bissonnette Online1/11-5/1461165
CHEM 161General Chemistry IM Bissonnette Online1/11-5/1461040
CHEM 161General Chemistry IC Guay Online1/11-5/1461175
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry I LabM BissonnetteR 2:30pm-5:15pmHale ‘Imiloa 1111/11-5/1461041
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry I LabC GuayW 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1111/11-5/1461037
CM 120
Intro Digital VideoK Bassford Online1/11-5/1461123
CM 255
Intro Cinema & Digital MediaK Bassford Online1/11-5/1461124
DNCE 121Beginning BalletA DurrantTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2241/11-5/1461097
DNCE 122Continuing Beginning BalletA DurrantTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2241/11-5/1461109
DNCE 221Low Intermediate BalletA DurrantTR 1:00pm-2:15pmHale Pālanakila 2241/11-5/1461110
ECON 130Principles of MicroeconomicsP Briggs Online1/11-5/1461005
ECON 130Principles of MicroeconomicsP Briggs Online1/11-5/1461067
ECON 131Principles of MacroeconomicsP Briggs Online1/11-5/1461006
EE 160Programming for EngineersN Singh Online1/11-5/1461309
ENG 100
S-Composition IJ Webster Online1/11-5/1461191
ENG 100S-Composition IS St John Online1/11-5/1461195
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461184
ENG 100S-Composition IS St John Online1/11-5/1461196
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461185
ENG 100S-Composition ID Poteet Online1/11-5/1461192
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461187
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461188
ENG 100Composition IA Priesman Online1/11-5/1461100
ENG 100Composition IR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461190
ENG 100
S-Composition IJ Webster Online1/11-5/1461099
ENG 100S-Composition IS St John Online1/11-5/1461193
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopS St John Online1/11-5/1461197
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461186
ENG 100WComposition I Writing WorkshopR Barclay Online1/11-5/1461189
ENG 200WI,S-Composition IIJ Webster Online1/11-5/1461075
ENG 200
WI-Composition IIA Priesman Online1/11-5/1461361
ENG 204BWI-Intro Creative Wrtng PoetryS St John Online1/11-5/1461362
ENG 209WI-Business WritingD Poteet Online1/11-5/1461479
ENG 209
WI, S-Business WritingA Priesman Online1/11-5/1461015
ENG 271WI-Intro to Literature: GenreD Poteet Online1/11-5/1461363
FSHN 185
Human NutritionC Nishimura Online1/11-5/1461310
GEOG 101S-The Natural EnvironmentW Smith Online1/11-5/1461033
GEOG 101LThe Natural Environment LabW Smith Online1/11-5/1461034
GEOG 102World Regional GeographyW Smith Online1/11-5/1461113
GG 101S-Introduction to GeologyF McCoy Online1/11-5/1461049
GG 103S-Geology of Hawaiian IslandsF McCoy Online1/11-5/1461114
GG 210S-Oahu Field GeologyF McCoyW 1:00pm-3:30pmHale ‘Imiloa 1131/11-5/1461399
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian IC Tabor Online1/11-3/0561085
HAW 101
Elementary Hawaiian IB Shishido Online1/11-3/0561402
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian IIC Tabor Online3/08-5/1461278
HAW 102
Elementary Hawaiian IIB Faria Online1/11-5/1461313
HAW 102
Elementary Hawaiian IIB Shishido Online3/08-5/1461403
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian IIM States Online1/11-5/1461311
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian IIM States Online1/11-5/1461312
HAW 202Intermediate Hawaiian IIE Makepa-Foley Online1/11-5/1461314
HAW 202
Intermediate Hawaiian IIB Faria Online1/11-5/1461315
HDFS 230Human DevelopmentF Herbic Online1/11-5/1461204
HDFS 230Human DevelopmentF Herbic Online1/11-5/1461205
HIST 151
World History to 1500R Koo Online1/11-5/1461001
HIST 151World History to 1500M Lau Kong Online1/11-2/1261350
HIST 151World History to 1500K Knuuti Online1/11-5/1461002
HIST 151World History to 1500M Lau Kong Online1/11-2/1261349
HIST 152
World History since 1500R Koo Online1/11-5/1461053
HIST 152
World History since 1500R Koo Online1/11-5/1461207
HIST 152
World History since 1500R Koo Online2/16-3/2561345
HIST 152
World History since 1500R Koo Online2/16-3/2561346
HIST 270
WI-History, Cartoons, ComicsR Koo Online1/11-3/0561317
HIST 284
WI-History of Hawai\'iD Froning Online1/11-5/1461125
HLTH 123CIntro Clinical Skills/Pt CareS Kamaka Online1/11-3/0561384
HLTH 124CKupuna Care for Nurse AidesS Kamaka Online3/08-5/1461385
HLTH 125Survey of Medical TerminologyK Longenecker Online1/11-5/1461103
HLTH 125Survey of Medical TerminologyK Longenecker Online1/11-5/1461104
HWST 107
S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificB Shishido Online1/11-5/1461020
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificD Sai Online1/11-5/1461029
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificD Sai Online1/11-5/1461035
HWST 107S-Hawai\'i: Center of PacificM Tupou Online1/11-3/0561118
HWST 255WI-Intro to the Hawaiian KngdmD Sai Online1/11-5/1461056
HWST 270Hawaiian MythologyP Kawakami Online3/08-5/1461418
HWST 270WI-Hawaiian MythologyD Camvel Online1/11-5/1461126
HWST 270Hawaiian MythologyD CamvelR 11:30am-12:45pmHale Aʻo 1011/11-5/1461147
ICS 100Computing Literacy & AppsMI Kato Online1/11-5/1461326
ICS 101Digital Tools for Info WorldL Sue Online1/11-5/1461072
ICS 101Digital Tools for Info WorldL Sue Online1/11-5/1461088
ICS 111Intro to Computer Science IL Sue Online1/11-5/1461014
ICS 123Intro to Digital Audio/VideoMI Kato Online1/11-5/1461328
ICS 171
Intro to Computer SecurityR Pacheco Online1/11-5/1461168
ICS 184Introduction to NetworkingB Bogaczewicz Online1/11-5/1461177
ICS 211Intro to Computer Science IIL Sue Online1/11-5/1461332
ICS 281Ethical HackingJ Oshiro Online1/11-5/1461333
JOUR 150
Media and SocietyK Bassford Online1/11-5/1461176
JPN 101Elementary Japanese IA Swan Online1/11-5/1461210
JPN 102Elementary Japanese IIA Swan Online1/11-5/1461211
MATH 100
Survey of MathematicsA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461215
MATH 100
Survey of MathematicsA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461339
MATH 100
Survey of MathematicsA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461117
MATH 100
Survey of MathematicsA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461214
MATH 101Math for Vet Assistants & TechN Singh Online1/11-5/1461066
MATH 103College AlgebraT Hayler Online1/11-5/1461220
MATH 103
College AlgebraD Donlin Online1/11-5/1461062
MATH 103
College AlgebraD Donlin Online1/11-5/1461217
MATH 103College AlgebraT Hayler Online1/11-5/1461060
MATH 103College AlgebraT Hayler Online1/11-5/1461218
MATH 112
Math for Elem Teachers IIK Takayama Online1/11-5/1461340
MATH 115Intro to Stats and ProbabilityT Hayler Online1/11-5/1461150
MATH 135Precalc: Elementary FunctionsR Garry Online1/11-5/1461061
MATH 140PreCalc:Trig/Analytic GeometryA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461065
MATH 203Calculus for Business & SocSciN Singh Online1/11-5/1461341
MATH 241Calculus IN Singh Online1/11-5/1461130
MATH 242
Calculus IIJ Storm Online1/11-5/1461148
MATH 243
Calculus IIIJ Storm Online1/11-5/1461149
MATH 244
Calculus IVJ Storm Online1/11-5/1461212
Intro to Math ReasoningK Takayama Online1/11-5/1461094
College Math CompanionA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461338
College Math CompanionA Zerr Online1/11-5/1461213
Algebraic FoundationsK Takayama Online1/11-5/1461095
MATH 88College Algebra CompanionT Hayler Online1/11-5/1461219
College Algebra CompanionD Donlin Online1/11-5/1461216
MICR 130General MicrobiologyT Michael Online1/11-5/1461022
General Microbiology LabH LiTR 10:00am-11:50amHale ‘Imiloa 1061/11-5/1461135
MUS 121BVoice 1A Maciel Villegas Online1/11-5/1461343
MUS 121Z`Ukulele 1K Kimokeo Online1/11-5/1461042
MUS 122Z?Ukulele 2K Kimokeo Online1/11-5/1461073
MUS 177WI-Intro to Hawaiian MusicK Kimokeo Online1/11-5/1461351
MUS 211Intro to Hawaiian EnsembleK Kimokeo Online1/11-5/1461151
MUS 231BApplied Music, Western (Voice)A Maciel Villegas Online1/11-3/0561247
MUS 231BApplied Music, Western (Voice)A Maciel Villegas Online3/08-5/1461425
MUS 231CApplied Music, Western (Piano)S Kimura Online1/11-3/0561244
MUS 231CApplied Music, Western (Piano)S Kimura Online3/08-5/1461424
OCN 101Intro to Marine Option ProgramW Smith Online3/08-5/1461417
OCN 102S-Intro Environmental ScienceP Srsen Online1/11-5/1461352
OCN 120S-Global Environ ChallengeF McCoy Online1/11-5/1461400
OCN 201S-Science of the SeaF McCoy Online1/11-5/1461131
OCN 201LS-Science of the Sea LabP SrsenR 1:00pm-3:45pmHale ‘Imiloa 1171/11-5/1461132
PACS 108
Pacific WorldsT Allen Online1/11-5/1461166
PHIL 101Intro to Phil Morals & SocietyS Stegeman Online1/11-5/1461353
PHIL 111Intro to Inductive LogicS Stegeman Online1/11-5/1461223
PHRM 203General PharmacologyC Au Online1/11-5/1461013
PHYL 141Human Anatomy & Physiology IM Smith Online1/11-3/0561377
PHYL 141LHuman Anatomy & Physiol I LabR Langston Online1/11-3/0561431
PHYL 141LHuman Anatomy & Physiol I LabM Smith Online1/11-3/0561378
PHYL 142Human Anatomy & Physiology IIR Langston Online1/11-5/1461224
PHYL 142Human Anatomy & Physiology IIM Smith Online3/08-5/1461379
PHYL 142LHuman Anatomy & Physiol II LabM Smith Online3/08-5/1461383
PHYL 142LHuman Anatomy & Physiol II LabR Langston Online1/11-5/1461354
PHYL 142LHuman Anatomy & Physiol II LabR Langston Online1/11-5/1461429
PHYS 170General Physics IJ Hudson Online1/11-5/1461355
PHYS 170LGeneral Physics I LabJ Hudson Online1/11-5/1461356
POLS 110Intro to Political ScienceM Perkins Online1/11-5/1461254
POLS 120Intro to World PoliticsR Fujimoto Online1/11-5/1461396
POLS 120Intro to World PoliticsR Fujimoto Online1/11-5/1461007
POLS 130Intro to American GovernmentR Fujimoto Online1/11-5/1461008
POLS 130Intro to American GovernmentR Fujimoto Online1/11-5/1461028
POLS 180Intro to Hawaiian PoliticsR Fujimoto Online1/11-5/1461133
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF Palacat Online1/11-5/1461161
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF Palacat Online1/11-5/1461225
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF Herbic Online1/11-5/1461036
PSY 100Survey of PsychologyF Palacat Online1/11-5/1461046
PSY 212WI-Survey Research MethodsL Bensman Online1/11-5/1461428
PSY 212WI-Survey Research MethodsL Bensman Online1/11-5/1461358
PSY 224WI-Abnormal PsychologyF Palacat Online1/11-5/1461359
PSY 260Psychology of PersonalityL Bensman Online1/11-5/1461360
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online1/11-5/1461136
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online1/11-5/1461228
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online1/11-5/1461074
REL 150Intro to Major World ReligionsS Hadmack Online1/11-5/1461090
SCI 295
Introduction to STEM ResearchI WhiteTBA 12:00am-12:00amHale ‘Imiloa 1011/11-5/1461473
SCI 295Introduction to STEM ResearchP SrsenTBA 12:00am-12:00am 1/11-5/1461241
SCI 295Introduction to STEM ResearchJ HudsonT 4:00pm-5:30pmHale ‘Imiloa 1121/11-5/1461464
SOC 100
Survey of General SociologyK French Online1/11-5/1461009
SOC 231
WI-Intro Juvenile DeliquencyK French Online1/11-3/0561364
SOCS 225Statistical AnalysisL Bensman Online1/11-5/1461365
SP 151
Personal & Public SpeechJ Ho Online1/11-5/1461366
SP 151
Personal & Public SpeechJ Ho Online1/11-5/1461367
SP 151Personal & Public SpeechL Gilbert Online1/11-5/1461158
SP 181
Intro to Interpersonal Comm.J Ho Online1/11-5/1461043
SP 251
WI-Prin Effective Public SpkngJ Ho Online1/11-5/1461137
SP 251WI-Princples Effectiv SpeakingL Gilbert Online1/11-5/1461105
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish IZ Payne Online1/11-5/1461159
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish IZ Payne Online1/11-5/1461091
SPAN 102Beginning Spanish IIZ Payne Online1/11-5/1461134
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish IIZ Payne Online1/11-5/1461368
THEA 101
Intro to Drama & TheatreT KinoshitaMW 11:30am-12:45pmHale Pālanakila 2251/11-5/1461044
THEA 131Beginning Unarmed Stage CombatN LogueTR 8:30am-11:00amHale Pālanakila 2283/08-5/1461370
Beg Theatre Prac: (Acting)T KinoshitaR 6:30pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 2281/11-5/1461391
Beg Theatre Prac: StagecraftT KinoshitaR 6:30pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 2281/11-5/1461392
Beg Theatre Prac: (Costume)T KinoshitaR 6:30pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 2281/11-5/1461393
THEA 222Acting IIN LogueTR 2:30pm-5:00pmHale Pālanakila 2283/08-5/1461373
THEA 231Inter Unarmed/Staff CombatN LogueTR 8:30am-11:00amHale Pālanakila 2283/08-5/1461423
THEA 260
Dramatic ProductionT KinoshitaMW 6:30pm-9:00pmHale Pālanakila 2281/11-5/1461375
WS 151
S-Intro to Women\'s StudiesK French Online1/11-5/1461233
WS 200
WI-Culture, Gender, AppearanceK French Online1/11-3/0561369
ZOOL 200S-Marine BiologyP Srsen Online1/11-561234