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A New Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program at Windward Community College (Windward CC)

ʻAo Kahi is a Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education project sponsored by ALU LIKE, Inc. and funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. 

  • Get Assistance with internships and job placement
  • Receive up to 100% financial support

‘Ao Kahi provides support in career readiness, professional development, internship, and much more.  This free support depends on your feedback, communication, and participation. Eligible Hawaiian students may request an ‘Ao Kahi online application.

The ʻAo Kahi project is expanding opportunities at Windward CC for Native Hawaiian students to obtain recognized postsecondary credentials and hands-on learning. The project covers Windward CC student tuition to complete select Agriculture courses and the Certificate of Competence in Information Security, a 40-hour internship on campus or with a business organization, and student support throughout the duration of the grant (scheduled for three years).

Who is ʻAo Kahi For?

ʻAo Kahi is for Native Hawaiian* students with a minimum 2.0. GPA** who will:

  • register for and complete select courses
  • be able to attend ALL classes with a positive work habit and a positive attitude
  • be able to participate in all other required project activities (i.e. project feedback)

Sustainable Agriculture

Windward Community College is sowing the seeds for agriculture careers offering free tuition for Native Hawaiian students and anyone interested in this field of study.

WCC currently offers AG 120 Plant Science. In this course students will learn about morphology, anatomy, physiology, classification, growth regulators, and propagation, with an emphasis on native plants of Hawai’i.

This is an 8-week course running from Oct 17 to Dec 9, 2022. There is an in-person lab on Fridays from 1 – 4 pm and recorded lectures available 24/7.

Some exciting things that will be included in the in-person lab curriculum are:

  • Growing algae (each student will have their own algae growing kit)
  • Growing vegetables and herbs through hydroponic systems
  • Growing plants native to Hawai’i
  • Grafting fruit trees
  • Preparing food from plants sourced from Hawai’i, such as ulu and coconut

Certificate of Competence in Information Security

Take four courses to earn a Certificate of Competence in Information Security:

  • ICS 171 – Introduction to Computer Security (3 credits)
  • ICS 184 – Introduction to Networking (3 credits)
  • ICS 281 – Ethical Hacking (3 credits)
  • ICS 282 – Computer Forensics (3 credits)

ICS classes listed above are either online or hybrid.
Career and internship advising begins upon registration.
Internship and job placement assistance starts after completion of ICS 171.

The ʻAo Kahi project is a great option for Native Hawaiian students interested in any major since these computer skills are valuable personally and professionally. We welcome students to start their ICS career pathway at Windward Community College.

* Proof of Native Hawaiian ancestry can be verified by birth certificate, Hawaiian registry card, or a verification letter from Kamehameha Schools, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, or Hawai‘i State Department of Health.
** Minimum 2.0 GPA can be from high school or community college


Jodie Yim
ʻAo Kahi Project Coordinator, Cybersecurity
ʻAo Kahi: Growing Truth and Light
Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program
Hale Manaleo 115