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Paliku Arts Festival, 2011


This free event celebrates the creativity in all of us. Visitors of all ages are welcome to explore their creativity, whether it's drawing, sculpting, poetry, printmaking, gymnastics, dancing, jewelry making, face-painting, or something totally different. Most art supplies are free.

Timeline of Activities, and Demonstrations

Outdoor Stage and Plaza:
10:00-6:00: Ongoing performances

Indian Craft and Henna Painting and Face Painting (Sarah Hadmack)

Gallery Iolani:
10:00-6:00: Ongoing, interactive display "The Art Adventure."

Paliku Theatre
11:00-12:00: Theatre show for all ages, "Our Amazing Adventure" Tickets $5
4:00-5:00: Theatre show for all ages, "Our Amazing Adventure" Tickets $5

Hokulani Imaginarium
"The Secret of the Dragon" Tickets $

Under the Eaves:
10:00-6:00: Rob Molyneux:
Printmaking Activity: T-Shirt printing. Bring your own or buy one here.

10:00-6:00: Norm Graffam and students
Drawing Workshop
Painting Demonstration

10:00-6:00: Bryce Myers and students
Sculpture and Figure Modeling Demonstration
Clay and Hand building Activity
Styrofoam printmaking Activity

10:00-6:00: Toni Martin's students
Design Activity

10:00-6:00: Honolulu Printmakers
Relief Printmaking Activity: "Birds of Paliku":

In the Plaza
10:00-6:00: Paul Nash
Raku Firing Demonstration

Tara Severns and Deborah Masterson
Make music with Boomwhackers

Hale Palanakila 102
Writing workshop with Robert Barclay

Hale Palanakila 104:
10:00 Poetry workshop with Janine Oshiro

1:00-1:30: Ukulele with Ron and Pomai Loo: Bring your instruments and play along. Learn tips as you have fun.

1:30-2:00: Slack Key Guitar with Ron and Pomai Loo. Bring your instruments and play along. Learn tips as you have fun.

2:00-2:30: Bluegrass with Bob Schornstheimer and The Bluegrass Barnstormers.

Hale Palanakila
10:00-6:00: Open Piano Studio

Hale Palanakila
1:00-3:00: Basic Jewelry Making with Gerri Kabei and Jane. Drop in anytime and come away with a piece of jewelry you've made yourself.

Hale Palanakila 117
10:00-4:00: Camera Obscura Demonstration by Mark Hamasaki

Hale Palanakila 118
10:00-6:00: Open Photography studio

Hale Palanakila 124:
Getting Started on Garage Band with Renee Arakaki. Learn how to make music on your computer. New session starting each hour.

Hale Palanakila 202
Portrait drawing with Snowden Hodges and Norm Graffam. Draw or have your portrait drawn.

Hale Palanakila 204
10:00-6:00: Open Painting Studio

Hale Palanakila 211
11:00-12:00: Hawaiian Chant

Hale Palanakila 212
2:00-3:30 Mask-Making with Yukie Shiroma. Take home a paper mask of your creation.

Hale Palanakila 216
10:00-6:00: Open Ceramics Studio

Hale Palanakila 224
10:00-10:50: TBA
11:00-11:50: Gymnastics with Sarah Hadmack
12:00-12:50: Gymnastics with Sarah Hadmack
1:00-1:50: Gymnastics with Sarah Hadmack
2:00-2:50: TBA
3:00-3:50: Stage Combat with Michelle Hurtubise
4:00-4:50: Theater Games with Michelle Hurtubise