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Rental Information



Palikū Theatre is available for organizations to rent on a space-available basis. Our rates are extremely reasonable when compared to other venues in town, and our personnel are great to work with.

Concerts, drama, musicals, dance programs, film festivals, lectures, Hawaiian music sessions — they’re all part of what island groups can produce in Paliku Theatre.


Palikū Theatre Facility Use Checklist

Seven Easy Steps to renting our theatre for your event

1) Phone us to check the dates you have in mind
Call (808) 235-7330 to speak to the Theatre Manager, Nicole Tessier, who is responsible for bookings, audience seating, ticket sales, ushers, refreshments and any other front-of-house operations. Once your dates have been determined:
2) Fill out and send in the Application form ASAP!
A phone inquiry will not hold a date. Reservations for requested dates can still only be "penciled-in" when we receive your Rental Application. Download the form Here. Please do not try to open the form in your Internet browser. Download it to your computer and only open it using the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for your OS. Download Acrobat here.

3) Send us a deposit check as soon as you can
Your event is only considered "reserved" when the Agreement is followed by a check for one performance day's theatre rental, made out to the University of Hawaii. Dates only "penciled-in" are at risk of being bumped by clients who are able to make a firm commitment with a deposit. We reserve the right to replace any client who has not sent a deposit and proof of insurance. The deposit is refundable only up until 90 days before the show.
4) Furnish proof of liability insurance
Palikū Theatre is part of Windward Community College, a unit of the University of Hawaii system, governed by insurance rules spelled out on Page 2 of the actual application form. Please read the small print, because it is very important. All organizations must be covered by Liability Insurance. Proof of Insurance must be furnished at least 30 days prior to the event. Even if you have paid a deposit, your event can be cancelled and replaced if you have not furnished this proof and UH will not be liable for the consequences to you caused by that cancellation.
5) Contact the Technical Director about your staging, lights and sound: R. Andrew Doan: (808) 561-9690
The Technical Director is responsible for all matters involving the main stage and backstage areas, including stage configuration, tech installation and running times, lighting, audio, rigging and staging needs and technical staff. It is required that you contact the TD no later than 14 days prior to the show. He will determine the minimum technical staff needed for the function and will provide you a list of qualified technicians approved to work here.
Their time will be billed directly through WCC, along with the House Manager and the Facility Rental Fees. Other technicians you bring in will need to be approved by the TD at least 7 days prior to the show. You will be responsible to directly hire and pay all crew over and above the basic "Technical Manager."

A Production Schedule is required 7 days in advance. Setup of sound and lighting equipment should be included in the schedule, which should provide for adequate lunch and dinner breaks.
6) One of our Technical Managers is required anytime you are in the theatre. Their time is billable between when open the doors to let you in and lock up when your last person is out.
7) You will get an invoice for your balance due from the University of Hawaii
Your final invoice from us will cover the total actual daily facility costs, equipment rentals, the Tech Manager and House Manager, minus your initial deposit. Amount due is always based on actual times and conditions of your performances, and may differ from the original estimates if changes in event conditions warrant. All checks for final payment should be made out to University of Hawaii. You will pay all other technical crew directly. Checks are typically paid to them the day of the event after they present you an invoice.

Thank you for your interest in Palikū Theatre.

We believe this is one of the finest venues in the state, and we strive to make every event as professionally produced as possible. We value your use of our facility and will do whatever we can to help make it a success, including promoting it in our own literature, when we know details far enough in advance, but we cannot be responsible for your event publicity, in print or on the Web. We look forward to having you as our "guest artists" at Palikū Theatre.

Nicole Tessier,
Interim Theatre Manager (808) 235-7330
R. Andrew Doan, Technical Director (808) 561-9690

Application and Agreement forms



Seating Configurations

The front part of the stage can be moved into a thrust configuration, which projects out into the audience. However, it does reduce your available seating by 20. Check out both plans. Each document has an actual scale map of how the seats are arranged, as well as a sheet showing exactly how the seats are numbered.



Lighting Information

These documents contain the information about our standard lighting plot. It is very flexible as-is.
It may be re-hung for your show, but the house plot must be restored after the show at your expense.



Stage Plans



The Stage features

  • Flexible stage configurations: Proscenium, Thrust or Round
  • Sophisticated lighting and sound
  • Professional 48’ fly-loft and rigging
  • A symphony-sized orchestra pit
  • Sprung-support dance flooring
  • Front or rear video projection


Our Kuleana

We are here to provide professional, affordable and captivating arts experiences for our community audiences and performers alike. We will train students of the arts with the finest faculty, teaching in the most professional facilities. We want to become the heart of the arts community on the Windward side, and bring audiences from all over O‘ahu to discover the opportunities which now abound at Windward Community College, because of the new, modern facilities available to us, such as Palikū Theatre.