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Tips for Writing a Blog Entry



Write short sentences.

Write clear sentences.

Write less, but never sacrifice your meaning.

Write a heading that helps people decide if they want to read your post - make it clear and complete.

Include links to other sites, especially when you want to provide background information or when you're tempted to include a long quote.

Include complete thoughts and don't abbreviate if it will confuse people.

Include extra space between paragraphs - white space helps people read, especially on the screen.

Use bullets for lists and subheadings for sections. Use bold for emphasis,

Don't be afraid to give your opinions, but try not to get carried away: don't get pompous, long-winded or authoritarian, it's not like people are more likely to read what you have to say when you write that way.

Write like you want people to read. Don't get hung up on archaic rules, but something that's grammatically correct is also easier to read and understand.

Read your post out loud to yourself and make sure it sounds good to you. If you trip on a word, rewrite it. If you run out of breath while reading, rewrite it.

Before you post, ask yourself:

  • Is my topic clear?
  • Does my first sentence introduce the discussion?
  • Is my writing free from confusing abbreviations and jargon?
  • Will my readers understand what I'm trying to say? Am I clear what I'm trying to say?