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Planning and Budget Council Page

For use by the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) in decision-making
regarding the College's resource allocations
Planning and Budget Council      
The Planning and Budget Council provides advice and counsel to the Chancellor regarding economic, political, industry, and programmatic forces that are currently or will have impact on the College’s plan of action that is designed to accomplish specific goals.  Initiatives to achieve these goals are justified by assessment, analysis, and evidence of community needs.  A major outcome of the PBC’s work is the regular review and updating of the Strategic Plan and the prioritization of the College Budget.

The PBC formulates recommendations and submits them to the Chancellor for approval and implementation.  All recommendations stemming from the PBC are treated as advisory.  The Chancellor reserves the right to accept, in whole or in part, or refuse the Council’s recommendations.

The PBC reviews all program reviews, annual assessments, departmental reports and other assessments to prioritize items for budget consideration and/or to modify the Strategic Plan.
The information for the years the PBC has functioned are linked below. Please note that each year is different due to modifications resulting from the assessment of the year and the implementation of changes.      
  2018-19 - First meeting September 21st