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AA Degree Assessment at WCC
(by D. Denison and R. de Loach)
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AACJC (Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges)
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National Community College Benchmark Project
General Information
"The National Community College Benchmark Project provides community colleges with opportunities to report outcome and effectiveness data in critical performance areas, receive reports of benchmarks, and compare results with those of other colleges. (the NCCBP website is found at
The annual subscription process begins in January.  Data collection begins in March.  Updated and verified data are due in August.  Aggregate results and access to the NCCBP Web site to compare results with other subscribers become available in early fall."
The following benchmark information is available from NCCBP:
  • Certificate, degree completion, and transfer rates
  • Next-term and fall-fall persistence rates
  • Performance in transfer institutions
  • Noel-Levitz, CCSSE, and ACT student satisfaction
    and engagement ratings
  • Educational goal attainment
  • College-level course retention and success rates
  • Developmental course retention and success rates
  • Developmental student success in first
    college-level courses
  • Career program completers' employment status
    and employer ratings
  • Success rates in core academic skill areas
  • Institution-wide grade information
  • Minority participation rates
  • High school graduate enrollment rates
  • Market penetration rates
  • Business and Industry productivity
  • Average credit section size
  • Student/faculty ratio
  • Distance learning outcomes
  • Instructional faculty load
  • Cost per credit hour and FTE student
  • Distance learning sections and grade distributions
  • Student/student services staff ratio
  • Human resources statistics
  • Cost per credit hour
  • Training expenditures per employee
NCCBP Benchmark Reports for WCC
NCCBP Benchmark Report 1
NCCBP Benchmarks for WCC and 14 Colleges