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last update 4/3/13
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Governance Survey Information Page

for use by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) and the Governance Subcommittee (GSIEC) in developing and administering leader and governance structure evaluations and assessments
(note: this webpage is continually being revised and updated; check back later for links that do not presently work)
Do you have suggestions to improve the goverance process and the surveys?  
Did the goverance survey endeavor work? If you would like to make suggestions of any kind to the GSIEC and IEC regarding the governance survey process, please do so by clicking the link below.  The IEC will be assessing the GSIEC process in Fall 2011 and your input would be most helpful in that assessment.
    Suggesstion and Assessment Question Link (closed)  
Goverance Surveys  
  Laulima link for 2008-9 Surveys and Assessments  
  Laulima link for 2009-10 Surveys and Assessments  
  Laulima link for 2010-11 Surveys and Assessments  

The IEC has developed perception surveys to promote continual improvement in the College's leaders and decision-making structures.

The links to the left provide information regarding the history of the yearly survey schedule and survey administration, survey and self-assessment examples, the policies and procedures of the GSIEC, and annual reports.
2010-11 Survey Information  
member survey links are sent directly to members of a governance structure (note: if you do not receive a member survey please contact the adminstrator or Chairperson to confirm your membership)
the non-member survey links are shown below - to take and submit the 2010-11 surveys, click on the link below to take the non-member survey for that leader or governance structure (new structures added will not have an update, and some existing structures may not have submitted an update); new non-member unit surveys and the Accreditation Steering Committee survey are listed in the third column

(note: the surveys below are closed; they shown here as examples of the survey process)
Faculty Senate Aesthetics Accreditation Steering Committee
  Chair 1 - Windward CCAAC Administrative Services (units)
  Chair 2 - System Deans Advisory Council   Business Office
  Chair 3 - Recording   Facilities
  Faculty Senate Organization International Education   Human Resources
Ke Kumu Pali   Operations and Maintenance
Marketing   Safety and Security
Office of the Chancellor Master Planning Committee Student Services (units)
Office of Instruction Planning and Budget Council   Admissions and Records
  Dean Unit I Staff Development   Counseling
  Dean Unit II     Financial Aid
  Vice Chancellor     Outreach
  Vice Chancellor Office     Student Life
Office of Student Services     Grants and Programs