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last update 10/15/18

Credit Programs Institutional Information

Program Information Student Information Faculty Information
2006 Accreditation-related
Enrollment by Headcount
Student Gender Faculty Gender
  and FTE   and Ethnicity and Ethnicity Student Institutional Student Institutional
Enrollment by Residency Hawaiian Student   Student Retention Student Retention
Enrollment   Faculty Institutional Faculty Institutional
Diversity   Staff Institutional Staff Institutional
Applicants Transfers 2001-2004   Human Resources Human Resources
Majors Transfers out 2005-8      
Degrees, Certificates Transfers in 2005-8   2011 Accreditation-related
  Awarded     Surveys and Charts
Highest Degree Obtained Enrollments, Transfers   Student Institutional
    and Graduates   Student Retention
  AA Graduate   Faculty Institutional
  Student Engagement  
Departmental Information    
2002-2007 Survey of Graduates