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Dreamweaver Workshop


This ten-hour workshop will start with the very basics of web design and move to more complex tools and features. Students will be shown how to set up Dreamweaver, how to create a website, and include various basic web elements.

Recommended preparation: familiarity with computers, file management, internet browsing.

Seats are also available for members of the community. Contact the Office of Continuing Education for costs and availability.


What is a web page and a web site?

  • html files
  • jpgs, gifs, movs
  • PDFs
  • other files
  • a collection of objects and containers

Setting up Dreamweaver

  • sites versus FTP connection
  • connecting to the server
  • synchronizing files
  • copying files to local folder
  • setting up a default page: index.htm

Using Dreamweaver

  • File List: delete files, copy files, create folders, move files around
  • Objects Panel: allows for inserting images, rollover images, date, etc.
  • The Property Inspector
  • Three views of a page: Design, Code, or Split

New Documents

  • Blank
  • Starter Page
  • Templates (discussed when templates are discussed)
  • Issues concerning the size of the page design

Page Properties

  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Default fonts and styles
  • Hyperlink styles: underline, roll-over


  • choosing a color
  • how hexidecimal colors work
  • determining a color using Photoshop Elements

Working with Text

  • Copy and paste
  • Sizes: different measurements of size
  • Styles
  • Font Faces
  • Paragraph Formats: breaks, bullets, numbering
  • Special characters: non-breaking space, bullets, currencies
  • Issues with anticipating font appearance on a page

Working with Pictures

  • Importing from outside of the site
  • Placing in page from site
  • Concern for file size and quality
  • resizing in Dreamweaver versus resizing in Photoshop
  • Rollover Images
  • Animated GIFs


  • Linking to other page
  • Linking to an email (sending an email from your page)
  • Linking to external site
  • Linking to document (such as Word, Excel, PDF)
  • Linking to an anchor on current page
  • Using text
  • Using picture
  • Using Image Map
  • Relative versus absolute references
  • Use of the target options: blank, parent

Importing Data and Pages

  • Paste versus Paste Special
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Word


  • Different uses of tables
  • Background color
  • Cell Pad
  • Cell Space
  • Cell Border
  • Align
  • Entering and Formatting Data
  • Adding and subtracting cells
  • Merging Cells
  • Header Cells

Other Objects to Insert on a Page

  • Navigation Bar
  • Quicktime
  • Audio
  • Background Audio
  • Gizmo: the weather underground

Basic Templates

  • Planning a template
  • Editable and Non-editable regions
  • Creating documents based on template
  • Updating documents

a more detailed workshop on Templates and Libraries is also available


  • File structure
  • Settings
  • Targetting
  • ADA issues

Simple Posting with asp

  • Creating a form
  • modifying .asp coding

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • connecting a CSS to a page
  • modifying styles
  • adding styles

a more detailed workshop on Cascading Style Sheets is also available