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Nīnau or manaʻo? Please feel free to contact us with the subject heading "Hoʻokūʻonoʻono"

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Hoʻokūʻonoʻono (to ensure prosperity, storing up supplies in every corner of the house) is a collaborative effort initiated by Windward Community College's Hawaiian Studies and Student Affairs faculty who aim to provide Hawaiian cultural enrichment programs and opportunities to the entire body of faculty, administrators, students and community members of WCC. It is our endeavor for the entire WCC ʻohana to come to an intimate understanding of Hawaiʻi and its unique heritage.

We are pleased to present to you a series of "Ho'olako Workshops" to help provide "opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding of Hawai'i and its unique heritage," as stated in our college's mission statement. An initiative of the Hawaiian Studies and Student Affairs faculty, these workshops are part of the Ho'okū'ono'ono program whose aim it is to answer and explain the following questions and more:

  • What developments are being made toward the Hawaiian Studies AA program?
  • Why do we have a "Hawaiian word of the day" email each morning?
  • Why did our graduating students and school faculty wear kīhei during this past commencement?
  • Why do we chant before starting meetings and gatherings?
  • How can I use Hawaiian diacritical markings in my emails and documents?
  • How can I enhance my curriculum with relevant Hawaiian cultural information, relating to my Hawaiian students?
  • What online resources are available for research on Hawaiian places, names and history?

No matter what department you belong to, these workshops will prove beneficial to you and the students we all serve. Please download the following poster, print and post in your classroom or office.

Also click here to view these events and more on Google calendar.