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The Water of Kane

Hawaiian English

"The Wind Gourd of Laʻamaomao"

Kuapakaʻa chanted the winds of Oʻahu:

There are the clouds, my fatherʻs and mine,
Covering the mountains;
The clouds rise with a sudden shower,
The whirling winds blow
The source of the storm of the child,
Kuaeho is at sea,
From the sea, the storm comes sweeping toward shore,
The windward Kuilua wind churns up the sea,
While youʻre fishing and sailing,
The Ihiihilauakea wind blows,
Itʻs the wind that blows inside Hanauma,
A wind from the mountains that darkens the sea,
Itʻs the wind that tosses the kapa of Paukua,
Puuokona is of Kuliʻouʻou,
Maua is the wind of Niu,
Holouha is of Kekaha,
Maunuunu is of Waiʻalae,
The wind of Leahi turns here and there,
Olauniu is of Kahaloa,
Waiomao is of Palolo,
Kuehulepo is of Kahua,
Kukalahale is of Honolulu,
Aoaoa is of Mamala,
Olauniu is of Kapalama,
Haupeepee is of Kalihi,
Komomona is of Kahauiki,
Hoeo is of Moanalua,
Moaʻeku is of Ewaloa,
Kehau is of Waiopua,
Waikoloa is of Lihue,
Kona is of Puuokapolei,
Kaiaulu is of Waianae,
Kumumaomao is of Kamaile,
Kumaipo is of Kualele,
Kopiliehu is of Olopua,
The wind of Kaena turns in two directions,
Hinakokea is of Mokuleia,
The winds of Waialua blow,
Moving silently at the cape of Kaena,
Puukaala blows at Kaala,
Kehau is of Kapo,
The sea wind blows hard,
Malualua comes from the northeast,
Peapueo is of Kaunala,
Ahamanu is of Kahuku,
Lanakila is of Hauula,
Moae is of Punaluu,
Ahiu is of Kahana,
Holopali is of Kaaawa and Kualoa,
Kiliua is of Waikane,
Mololani is of Kuaaohe,
Ulumano is of Kaneohe,
The wind is for Kaholoakeahole,
Puahiohio is the upland wind of Nuuanu,
Malanai is of Kailua,
Limulipuupuu comes ashore at Waimanalo,
Alopali is of Pahonu,
At Makapuu the winds turn,
The Kona winds turn, the Koʻolau winds turn,
The winds will turn before you and find you,


From The Unwritten Literature of Hawaii, by Nathaniel B. Emerson, [1909]