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Hawaiian Studies

Windward Community College embraces the study of Hawai‘i, its heritage and environment. We offer more than 60 classes in Hawaiian Studies and language toward the completion of an Academic Subject Certificate (26 credits), and as part of the college’s Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies or Liberal Arts degrees (60 credits).

Get an introduction to, or immerse yourself in courses ranging from Hawaiian language, genealogies and history, to slack key guitar, Hawaiian woodcarving, ethnobotany and navigating the skies in Polynesian voyaging. If you have a passion for Hawaiian culture, we offer a strong foundation in Hawaiian knowledge and traditions. You will gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the host culture in Hawai’i, helping you to instill a living appreciation of Native Hawaiian culture, language, and practices.

Earn a Degree

  • Hawaiian Studies Associate in Arts

Earn a Certificate

  • Academic Subject Certificate in Hawaiian Studies: Ahupua’a (Hawaiian Land and Ocean Systems)
  • Academic Subject Certificate in Hawaiian Studies: Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian History and Traditions)

To see what classes you need, visit the Hawaiian Studies AA or ASC in Hawaiian Studies catalog page.