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Evening & Online Education

Students seek evening and online education opportunities for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes these types of learning environments and schedules provide greater flexibility for students who are looking to balance life, career and college.

Evening Classes

Courses designated as “evening” begin after 5:30 p.m. Evening courses are typically held on campus 1 or 2 days a week and meet for 16 weeks.

Online Classes

Online classes are offered through the World Wide Web. Students must have access to a computer, the Internet, and use their UH email account to participate in these courses. Classes offered online typically use an online system, such as Laulima, to facilitate learning and provide access to content for the course.

Hybrid Classes

Courses designated as “hybrid” combine the on-campus and online learning experiences; typically classes are held on campus one day a week and students complete additional coursework independently, online.

Tips for Successful Evening/Online Learning

WCC students who have successfully completed evening and online courses recommend the following tips that helped them achieve success as a student:

Contact an Academic Counselor

Discuss your academic goals, schedule classes, review degree requirements and more.

Connect with the Instructor

  • Connect with the instructor, personally, by emailing them prior to the start of class. Introduce yourself, explain what you’re hoping to learn from their course, tell them about your goals, etc. Keep it brief, but let them know you are engaged right from the start.

Create a Master Calendar

Create a master calendar with all your courses, important assignments, exams, and deadlines as well as your personal/work commitments. Schedule study time, work time, personal time, etc. Remember, accomplishing coursework is generally independent and self-driven, so get yourself organized before the course begins.

Ask for Help

Reach out to your instructor or fellow classmates when you need help. Don’t give up or ignore the issue. Reach out! Be persistent, yet patient. Hint: Realize if you’re having difficulty, others might be too, so response time from the instructor may not be immediate.

Know Yourself

If you know you tend to procrastinate or you learn better when you teach others, set yourself up for success by doing things like giving yourself soft deadlines prior to the actual deadline or reach out to classmates early to set up a virtual study group.

Become an Evening/Online Student

  1. Apply to be a student at Windward
  2. Once admitted, Windward students can register for any evening/online classes via STAR


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