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eCafe for Faculty


Instructors can view their results whenever they want to. Instructors can also decide to publish your surveys so that they can be viewed publically (see how).

General Timeline

  1. Near the start of the semester, the college coordinator and the department representatives are instructed by email to set up the surveys. The representatives will be given 2 to 3 weeks to do so.
  2. A few weeks later, the department representatives are given access to class surveys. There will be about 1 month to make changes questions.
  3. About a month before the end of the semester, faculty will receive an email including a message that the faculty can forward to their students. This message contains instructions for completing the survey and the timeframe for doing so.
  4. Students are typically given 3 weeks to complete the survey.

General Policies

  1. All instructors must use the eCafe survey for each of their courses.
  2. Questions are decided at the departmental level, although departments can allow instructors to add a small number of their own questions.
  3. The representative must make sure that all faculty in the department are listed.
  4. Individual CRNs can be turned off, specifically if a different form of course evaluation is being used (such as for online classes and indepedent studies).

Suggestions for Increasing Return Rates

  1. Keep reminding them.
  2. Publicize your evaluations from previous semesters and make it known to your students - if they can see that their evaluations matter, they are more likely to finish them.
  3. Organize class time for students to fill out the evaluation - in a computer lab, or with laptops (if you do this, please leave the room while the survey is being taken to maintain maximum anonymity).
  4. Offer an incentive, such as some extra credit points for achieving a certain class completion rate (e.g., 80%).
  5. Create a sense of responsibility: "I have done my job, now it is your turn to complete the evaluation."

Other suggestions can be found on the main eCafe website


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