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Local Network


Activate your Campus Network and Printing Account

To activate your campus network and printing account, Students should go to to activate their Windward computing account. At that website, students will first authenticate to their UH userid and then choose a password for their account on the student server. Their Windward username will be the same as their UH username, and their account should be activated within 10 minutes of choosing a password. Students that have forgotten their UH username or password can visit the Computing Services staff in the Library Learning Commons for assistance in activating their Windward account.

Faculty Accounts

When logging on to classroom and lab PCs using your new faculty/staff account, you need to preface your username with “facstaff\” (for example, “facstaff\tempxx”) so that the system will know not to look on the student server for your account.

User Files on the Server

Students: Your personal folder on the new student server is located at smb://$ and is automatically mapped as the F: drive on classroom/lab PCs. The “Courses” and “Groups” folders on the student server can be accessed at smb:// which is automatically mapped as the M: drive on classroom/lab PCs.

Faculty/Staff: Your personal folder on the new faculty/staff server is located at smb://$.

Any files that are downloaded or saved using a classroom/lab PC or Mac will go onto the local hard disk by default. Be sure to explicitly save files to your USB flash drive or to your personal server folder if you want to keep them.